Jobs for statisticians


R&D Professional - Atmosphere

Thu, 20 September 2018 18:58 +0000 GMT

be: R&D Professional - Atmosphere [100% | Duties: You develop models that simulate and predict the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere. These models will be used to support the environmental policy of Flemish and foreign authorities and the industry. Urban air quality is a focus area of the team. You are responsible for analysing model results and reporting to the client or the end user. Processing of (large) data sets therefore plays an important role. You integrate your knowledge and expertise in collaborative projects with your fellow researchers, report the results of these and publish them in academic journals | Minimum Requirements: You have a master's or a degree in engineering in exact or applied sciences. You have proven experience in research with atmospheric models or other physical mathematical models. You are adept in manipulating large data sets. You have experience in visualising spatial 2D or 3D data | Preferred Requirements: Experience with GIS software would be an advantage. Preferably, you followed an (additional) environmental training course or obtained a relevant doctorate] / Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO); Mol, Flanders, Belgium

Data Scientist - Informatics

Thu, 20 September 2018 18:39 +0000 GMT

uk: Data Scientist - Informatics [Permanent | 100% | Duties: As an NPL data scientist working within Electrical Power Systems you will undertake projects that focus on building confidence in data-driven solutions to the challenges within smart grids and novel power systems. You will undertake research into the development and assessment of power systems performance and health, across a range of application areas including the roll-out of smart meters and the introduction of electric vehicles in private and public transport systems. The role will form part of a self-supporting multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers covering a range of skills from mechanical design through to informatics and visualisation | Minimum Requirements: Have a PhD or equivalent along with a good first degree in a relevant discipline; have experience working on industrial projects within a R&D environment; experience programming in a number of different languages; be able to demonstrate the ability to collate, cleanse and analyse large data sets using state-of-the-art techniques; experience modelling systems using open source and commercial software; be able to demonstrate experience of delivering work on time and within budget] / National Physical Laboratory (NPL); Teddington, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom / deadline October 18

R&D Professional - Energy and Climate Modelling

Thu, 20 September 2018 18:34 +0000 GMT

be: R&D Professional - Energy and Climate Modelling [100% | Duties: As a researcher, you will advise industry and policy makers operating at Flemish and international level on the development of their energy and climate strategy. You will contribute to the further development of optimisation and simulation models of the energy system, using internationally developed software such as VEDA-TIMES, among other tools. You will interpret the model results and on this basis, formulate scientific recommendations tailored to the client's needs. You will report the research results to our clients (authorities and industry) and to the scientific community | Minimum Requirements: You hold a Masters degree, ideally in operations or civil engineering, or have equivalent experience. You have a passion for international energy and climate strategy, and have the expertise necessary to approach the issues from a systemic (quantitative) perspective. You can synthesise results into implementable recommendations for authorities and industry clients. You have knowledge, or wish to amass knowledge in a short time period, of environmental/energy economics, environmental/energy technology and mathematical optimisation methods] / Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO); Genk, Belgium

Research Data Management Lead

Thu, 20 September 2018 18:30 +0000 GMT

au: Research Data Management Lead [100% | Duties: Building and operating an effective research data management capability. Defining and leading the ongoing program to maximise the value of research data across Research Data Management IT services, procedures, advice and training to support research data management across the institute. Working closely with key stakeholders, including Division and Lab Heads, Library, Research, other members of the Research Computing Centre and ITS to develop a strategic approach to the RDM support infrastructure, at all stages of the research process. Defining and implementing the research data strategy, architecture and governance | Minimum Requirements: At least five years of professional experience in a digital data governance/data quality leadership role. Applicable project/program management experience. Strong technical knowledge of data management frameworks, architecture, infrastructure and technologies | Preferred Requirements: Honours, masters or PhD degree in a data-centric discipline, including statistics, information science, computer science or a related field combined with significant relevant experience is strongly preferred. Knowledge of large-scale biological data and methods of data management is desirable] / Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Assistant Professor (Research): Willmore Fellow In Probability

Thu, 20 September 2018 13:37 +0000 GMT

uk: Assistant Professor (Research): Willmore Fellow In Probability [3 y | 100% | Duties: To undertake and publish original research of the highest level, to contribute to the research activities of the Probability research unit and of the Department as a whole. We expect Willmore Fellows to contribute modestly to teaching, in the form of final year undergraduate project supervision in their area of research and possibly in tutorials | Minimum Requirements: A good first degree and a PhD in Mathematics or a related discipline. Have between 2 and 6 years of research experience since their PhD by the closing date of the call. Evidence of a recent recognized publication record in Probability theory or a related area, in high quality international journals, with several papers that are internationally excellent or world-leading in terms of originality, significance and rigour. Strong research potential evidenced by a personal research plan which supports and enhances the Department’s research. Capability to develop an independent research programme. Skills and/or achievements that demonstrate experience or the potential to participate in the collegial/administrative activities of an academic Depa... | Preferred Requirements: Skills that demonstrate the potential to develop successful research project proposals; to provide excellent supervision for PhD students; to contribute to the leadership of research groups and the mentoring of early career researchers; to evidence research impact beyond the institution. Skills and/or achievements that demonstrate experience or the potential to engage in the administrative functioning of the candidate’s academic Department and/or discipline including any leadership or other responsibilities in an academic/research context] / Durham University; Durham, United Kingdom / deadline November 26

Internship (Mathematical Analysis)

Thu, 20 September 2018 13:02 +0000 GMT

nl: Internship (Mathematical Analysis) [100% | Duties: To develop a framework to support stakeholders in their collaborative and individual decision making process by enabling them to exchange both intrinsic and instrumental values between each other. The goal is to reach a collaborative agreement among stakeholders that bears the highest rate that an innovation will be successfully adopted by the market. The framework should be able to reflect each stakeholder's deal breakers (constraints) and look into potential alternative subsets (coalitions) of stakeholder cooperation | Minimum Requirements: About to finish up your master's degree in Econometrics/Applied mathematics or equivalent with a quantitative orientation. Curriculum preferably includes courses on game theory and operational research. Keen to solve complex puzzles using mathematical models and simulations. Broad range of interests, are curious to explore new avenues, and are pro-active. Ability to identify, explain and visualise topics that initially seem hard to put a figure on. Analytical mindset, are able to translate your ideas into a model, and are able to explain your line of thinking in a clear and concise manner] / Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO); Den Haag, Netherlands

Part-Time Faculty, Big Data Solution Architecture

Thu, 20 September 2018 12:59 +0000 GMT

ca: Part-Time Faculty, Big Data Solution Architecture [part-time | Duties: The Professor is responsible for the delivery of curriculum, development of an effective learning environment for students and academic leadership | Minimum Requirements: Formal education such as a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related area to the discipline. Minimum five (5) years industry experience. Demonstrated exceptional presentation, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. Strong commitment to academic excellence and student success, and ability to support Conestoga’s continuous quality improvement initiatives | Preferred Requirements: Demonstrated ability to relate to learners and providing a positive learning environment to students working at different skill levels including international students and students requiring accommodation. Strong relationships with industry contacts and network connections] / Conestoga College; Kitchener, Ontario, Canada / deadline October 2

Postdoc in the area of bioinformatics/statistical genomics

Thu, 20 September 2018 12:56 +0000 GMT

nl: Postdoc in the area of bioinformatics/statistical genomics [2 y | 100% | Duties: The project addresses fundamental questions related to adaptation to specific traits of the genomes of traditional cattle breeds in three African and three European countries. Within the project we will collect and analyse extensive phenotypic and whole genome sequence data. The data will be used for GWAS and selective sweep and ROH analyses. Experience with handling large phenotypic and genomic datasets and an interest in quantitative genetic concepts is a prerequisite | Minimum Requirements: PhD in one of the following subjects: Bioinformatics with strong emphasis on the bio site and/or conservation genetics. Strong track record as a PhD student and/or postdoc and show a keen and independent intellect. Establish and maintain good working relationships with key stakeholders and research collaborators to ensure relevance and quality of research outputs | Preferred Requirements: Be able to handle large data sets (Bioinformatics skills; scripting, design analysis pipelines). Interest in quantitative genetic concepts (such as GWAS) and biodiversity. Good organizational and excellent communication skills (both spoken and written in English). Ability to work in a team of diverse scientists and multidisciplinary teams. Scientific track record with publications] / Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR); Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands / deadline October 15

Postdoc in development of new electronics and software for nuclear physics experiments 1005459

Thu, 20 September 2018 12:10 +0000 GMT

dk: Postdoc in development of new electronics and software for nuclear physics experiments 1005459 [2 y | Duties: Adapting the current firmware to the chosen FPGA platform, adaptation of the CPU interface, and the development of a slow-control system to integrate with the multi-experiment NUSTAR facility. Another development is the continued work on a standalone framework for online viewing of data; in particular for correlated inspection of data streams from independent parts of a setup | Minimum Requirements: Experience with performing and operating data acquisition systems. Experience in analyzing data is needed to understand the needs of the trigger system and of the online analysis. Experience with C/C++, script languages (Perl/Python) and build systems. Familiarity with regression testing, and version control systems (git)] / Aarhus University (AU); Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark / deadline October 7

Studentische Abschlussarbeit: Analytics/Data Mining - Anwendung von Data-Mining-Verfahren in aktuellen Industrieprojekten

Thu, 20 September 2018 12:03 +0000 GMT

de: Studentische Abschlussarbeit: Analytics/Data Mining - Anwendung von Data-Mining-Verfahren in aktuellen Industrieprojekten [Aufgaben: Recherchen von State-Of-The-Art-Methoden für die gegebene Problemstellung. Datenaufbereitung und Implementierung der Verfahren mithilfe gängiger Software-Pakete (z. B.: R). Analyse und Interpretation der Ergebnisse, insbesondere im Vergleich zu etablierten Benchmark-Verfahren | Anforderungen: Interesse am Bereich der Datenverarbeitung und Datenanalyse sowie idealerweise Kenntnisse grundlegender Data Mining Methoden. Wünschenswert sind Kenntnisse mit Data Mining Software (z.B.: R, SPSS, MATLAB o.ä.). Idealerweise Programmiererfahrungen. Selbständiges Denken und Arbeiten. Sehr gute Deutsch- oder Englischkenntnisse. Motivation und Engagement] / Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI); Karlsruhe, Baden‐Württemberg, Germany

Hilfskraftstelle: Einsatz von Data-Mining-Verfahren

Thu, 20 September 2018 12:01 +0000 GMT

de: Hilfskraftstelle: Einsatz von Data-Mining-Verfahren [Aufgaben: Recherchen in den Bereich Data Mining, Customer Relationship Management, Zeitreihenanalyse, Planungsanpassung im Finanzbereich. Datenaufbereitung für anschliessende Analysen. Implementierung der Verfahren mithilfe der gängigen Software-Pakete (bspw. R, SPSS, SAS etc.) | Anforderungen: Interesse an Datenanalyse sowie idealerweise Kenntnisse über grundlegende Methoden im Data Mining. Wünschenswert (aber keine Voraussetzung) sind Kenntnisse in Data-Mining-Software (bspw. R, SPSS o. ä.). selbstständiges Denken und Arbeiten. sehr gute Deutsch- oder Englischkenntnisse. Motivation und Engagement] / Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI); Karlsruhe, Baden‐Württemberg, Germany

Professur - Statistik und Mathematik

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:56 +0000 GMT

de: Professur - Statistik und Mathematik [Aufgaben: Wir suchen eine Persönlichkeit, die fundierte Kenntnisse und praktische Fertigkeiten in dem für die Professur vorgesehenen Fachgebiet besitzt. Die Bewerberin/der Bewerber soll Statistikerin/Statistiker oder Mathematikerin/Mathematiker sein und praktische Erfahrungen in der Anwendung biostatistischer Methoden insbesondere in der Medizin und/oder in der pharmazeutischen Industrie haben. Sehr gute Kenntnisse in SAS und R sind erwünscht. Erfahrungen mit statistischen Methoden aus dem Qualitätsmanagement sind vorteilhaft | Anforderungen: ein der Stelle entsprechendes abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium. besondere Leistungen bei der Anwendung oder Entwicklung wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse und Methoden in einer mindestens fünfjährigen beruflichen Praxis, die nach dem Hochschulabschluss liegen soll. Davon müssen mindestens drei Jahre ausserhalb des Hochschulbereichs ausgeübt worden sein. besondere Befähigung zu wissenschaftlicher Arbeit, die in der Regel durch die Qualität einer Promotion nachgewiesen wird. pädagogische Eignung] / Hochschule Ulm; Ulm, Baden‐Württemberg, Germany / deadline October 16

Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in (Uni-Diplom/Master) der Fachrichtungen Geodäsie/Geoinformatik/Mathematik

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:53 +0000 GMT

de: Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in (Uni-Diplom/Master) der Fachrichtungen Geodäsie/Geoinformatik/Mathematik [Aufgaben: Wissenschaftliche Betreuung und Auswertung des BfG-eigenen GNSS-Messnetzes zur Höhenüberwachung von Pegeln. Qualitätsgesicherte Datenmodellierung zur Ableitung von Vertikalbewegungen. Konzeptentwicklung für datenbankbasierte Produktbereitstellungen | Anforderungen: Abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium (Uni-Diplom/Master) der Fachrichtungen Geodäsie/Geoinformatik/Mathematik. Vertiefte Kenntnisse in den Bereichen Referenzsysteme, Geokinematik, GNSS-gestützter Höhenmessungen und -auswertungen sowie der Parameterschätzung und Zeitreihenanalyse. Vertiefte Kenntnisse satellitengestützten Messverfahren zur Höhenbestimmung und Prozessierung von Permanent-GNSS-Netzwerken. Fundierte Kenntnisse im Bereich der GNSS- Hard-und Software. Fundierte IT-Kenntnisse im Bereich Datenadministration und Datenbanken. Hohes Engagement und selbständiges Handeln, repräsentatives Auftreten. Fähigkeit, erzielte Ergebnisse fachlich und sprachlich korrekt in Berichten und Veröffentlichungen niederzulegen. Sehr gute deutsche (...] / Bundesanstalt für Verwaltungsdienstleistungen (BAV); Koblenz, Rheinland‐Pfalz, Germany / deadline October 16

Assistant/Associate Professor - Mathematics (Statistics)

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:51 +0000 GMT

us: Assistant/Associate Professor - Mathematics (Statistics) [100% | Duties: The teaching load will be 12 units/semester where most of the courses are 4 units each. Almost all courses in the Department of Mathematics include an activity/problem solving session. Assigned time for research and grant activity is standard during the first two years of appointment, and subsequently on a competitive basis. It is expected the successful candidate will develop a research agenda and maintain a publication record | Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have a doctorate in Statistics, Biostatistics, or Data Science by time of appointment, and must demonstrate evidence of excellent teaching and research. Focused research areas include, but are not limited to, business analytics, computational statistics, statistical visualization, data mining, environmental and ecological statistics, statistics education, and analysis of big/massive data. The candidate must demonstrate an interest in teaching a broad range of mathematics and statistics courses to a diverse body of students, engaging undergraduates in research, and statistical consulting. Interdisciplinary collaboration with other faculty in the University is expected | Preferred Requirements: Preference will be given to candidates with experience using SAS or R in the classroom] / California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB); Bakersfield, California, United States / deadline November 16

Bioinformatiker/in/Data Scientist

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:32 +0000 GMT

de: Bioinformatiker/in/Data Scientist [2+ y | Aufgaben: Unterstützung und Beratung wissenschaftlicher und studienbezogener Projekte am NCT hinsichtlich von Studienplanung, Datenaufbereitung und Datenauswertung. selbstständige Datenanalysen mit einer Fokussierung in den Bereichen Bioinformatik, statistisches Lernen, Data-mining. Entwicklung neuer bioinformatischer Methoden, z.B. Deep-Learning Algorithmen. Mitarbeit in der Aus- und Weiterbildung im Bereich Bioinformatik/Datenanalytik | Anforderungen: abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium: Bioinformatik, Statistik, Mathematik oder vergleichbarer Abschluss (z.B. Informatik + Berufserfahrung im Bereich Datenanalyse/Bioinformatik). solide Erfahrungen und gute Kenntnisse im Bereich der Anwendung bioinformatischer Methoden, z.B. Analyse hochdimensionaler Daten, Machine- und Deep-Lerning Methoden. Erfahrungen in der Analyse/Auswertung medizinischer Daten und Grundwissen in den Bereichen Molekulargenetik, Onkologie oder medizinische Bildverarbeitung sind vorteilhaft. starkes Interesse an interdisziplinären, klinisch-relevanten Fragestellungen im Bereich der Onkologie. sehr gute Kenntnisse im Umgang mit Statistik- bzw. Bioinformatiksoftware (speziell R). Programmierkenntnisse (z.B. R, Python). sehr ...] / Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ); Dresden, Sachsen, Germany / deadline October 10

Senior Data Engineer

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:28 +0000 GMT

us: Senior Data Engineer [100% | Duties: Responsible for rapid design, architect, prototype, and implementation of solutions to tackle the Big Data and Data Science needs for UCLA Health. Architect and develop highly scalable distributed data pipelines using Hadoop and/or Spark ecosystem. Design and build scalable data models for large-scale analytics datasets in both SMP and MPP Architecture realms. Performance tuning of SQL queries with a thorough understanding of database internals. Work with Business Intelligence and Data Scientists to understand data needs and ingest rich data sources such as external claims data feeds, Electronic Health Record data, financial data, operational data, Public Data sets and social media feeds and real time streaming data | Minimum Requirements: Minimum 10 years of software development and Architecture experience with multiple programming languages, technologies, and Frameworks. Heavy development experience on the data processing side of the software development. Adept at choosing the right Data Structures and right Algorithms for data processing. 4 years of experience designing and delivering solutions utilizing Hadoop-Map reduce, Spark, Hive, and Sqoop. Experience working NoSQL databases like HBase, Cassandra. Experience working with Real time data streams using Kafka, Storm] / Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center; Los Angeles, California, United States

Researcher - Social Psychology

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:26 +0000 GMT

it: Researcher - Social Psychology [100% | Duties: The researcher usefully selected must apply on research and didactics indicated with a full time committment | Minimum Requirements: Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)] / Sapienza - Università di Roma (La Sapienza); Roma, Italy / deadline October 15

Statistical and Research Analyst

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:23 +0000 GMT

us: Statistical and Research Analyst [100% | Duties: Duties include, but are not limited to: providing consultation and support to the Director, to the Associate Directors, and the other Research Analyst in the area of data collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and reporting procedures; managing multiple Institutional Research databases; assisting in the completion of surveys and periodic reports for external agencies; responding to ad-hoc requests, designs; and conducting studies | Minimum Requirements: A bachelor’s degree and professional experience involving the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of quantified data are required. A master’s degree in statistics may be substituted for the required work experience] / Coastal Carolina University (CCU); Conway, South Carolina, United States

Data Scientist

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:20 +0000 GMT

us: Data Scientist [100% | Duties: Under the general direction of the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Director for Institutional Research, the AAIS II undertakes research, analytics, and database system management of considerable scope with little or no supervision. The incumbent performs high-level research assignments in support of planning, policy development, and institutional effectiveness. In collaboration with senior staff in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the incumbent conducts analytical studies utilizing sound principles of data science and research design and participates in the following areas: data quality assurance, academic planning, institutional accountability, and accreditation standards | Minimum Requirements: Equivalent to graduation from a four-year college or university in information science, computer science/engineering. Four years of progressively responsible administrative, technical, or professional analytical experience, which demonstrates ability to conduct substantive surveys and studies of problems and issues in assigned areas. Or the rank of Associate Professor or higher in a four-year college or university and demonstrated experience in research or special study work. Demonstrated skills in: Design and management of Relational Database Systems interpreting and summarizing analysis results, conducting predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms, and data mining, Analyzing large complex databases, Statistical analyses and resear... | Preferred Requirements: Advanced degrees in related fields focusing on quantitative analysis, data science, data mining, and research methodology. Experience in institutional research in higher education institutions; database design, development, and management; PeopleSoft Student Information System; and system-wide Enrollment Reporting System data components. Advanced proficiency in conducting predictive analytics. Proficiency in developing data visualizations, especially with Tableau; writing SQL to extract and manipulate data in relational database systems; research methodology and statistical software. Skills in computer programming languages including R, Python, and C programming] / California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA); Los Angeles, California, United States

Equity Data Analyst

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:20 +0000 GMT

us: Equity Data Analyst [100% | Duties: Develop, implement and maintain project management and client relationship management databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality. Develop and execute processes to evaluate business data and to identify ways they can be integrated for better results. Locate and define new process improvement opportunities. Design comprehensive reports to assist executive leadership in making good center decisions. Identify and acquire data from internal and external data sources; analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets; interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports | Minimum Requirements: Bachelors Degree in computer science, information management or statistics, plus 5 years in work experience as a data analyst or in information management; or any equivalent combination of education and/or experience from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have been achieved | Preferred Requirements: Masters Degree in computer science, information management or statistics] / Indiana University (IU); Indianapolis, Indiana, United States / deadline October 17

Research Coordinator

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:11 +0000 GMT

us: Research Coordinator [100% | Duties: Create new IRB applications as needed and oversee existing/approved IRB protocols, including submitting annual continuing reviews, submitting reports on protocol deviations or adverse events, and submitting modifications to the existing applications when needed. Collaborate with PIs on the development of interview protocols and survey instruments. Manage recruitment efforts. Support the PIs in the development of data collection procedures and coordinate data collection efforts. Assist with data management and data quality monitoring, including data cleaning using SPSS, Stata or another statistical software program | Minimum Requirements: To qualify you must have a Bachelors degree or equivalent in public health, sociology, psychology, health care administration, public administration or related discipline. Minimum of two years of progressively responsible project coordination experience, preferably in a research setting. Proficiency with basic statistical analyses using SPSS or Stata, including summary statistics, chi-square, t-tests, regression, and graphs | Preferred Requirements: Masters degree in public health, sociology, psychology, health care administration, public administration or related discipline. 1-2 years of relevant research experience. Competency using other research related software such as Endnote and ATLAS.ti in addition to statistical software is desirable. Experience conducting literature reviews] / NYU Langone Medical Center; New York City, New York, United States

Statistics Instructor

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:09 +0000 GMT

us: Statistics Instructor [part-time | Duties: Penn State Brandywine seeks an instructor in Statistics. This course will introduce R syntax: Students will be asked to utilize various descriptive and graphical statistical techniques for various types of datasets. These datasets will primarily be drawn from those that are readily available for R; emphasis will not be on obtaining nor cleaning raw data in this course. Furthermore, this course focus on descriptive statistics and graphical summary techniques rather than inferential statistical techniques. In particular, no statistical background will be assumed | Minimum Requirements: Requirements for the instructor include the minimum of an earned Master’s degree | Preferred Requirements: Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated excellence in teaching at a college level] / Penn State Brandywine (PSU-Brandywine); Media, Pennsylvania, United States

Post Doc Fellow

Thu, 20 September 2018 11:03 +0000 GMT

us: Post Doc Fellow [100% | Duties: It is expected that this individual will conduct independent scholarly research, and will contribute directly to the overall translational research goals of the project and the research group. Postdocs will be expected to participate in project planning, recording and interpretation/evaluation of data, and communication of results. The successful candidate is also expected to demonstrate scientific knowledge of statistics, machine learning and NLP, and demonstrate the capability to further advance current state-of-the-art algorithms.Postdocs will also be expected to acquire technical and manuscript/grant writing skills | Minimum Requirements: PhD in computer science, statistics, mathematics, engineering, biomedical informatics or related fields. Proficiency in NLP algorithms. Proficiency in machine learning, deep neural networks. Proficiency in Python, R or similar commonly used statistical languages/packages. Java programming capability. Values research integrity and collaborative research. Strong research skills. Effective problem solving/critical thinking skills. Ability to work independently and with a strong work ethic. High level of motivation. Excellent communication/interpersonal skills. Ability to exercise discretion and judgment] / Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Oncology Data Manager

Thu, 20 September 2018 10:59 +0000 GMT

us: Oncology Data Manager [100% | Duties: Responsible for managing oncology research data, including but not limited to data collection and entry, patient enrollment in oncology pharmaceutical and investigator-initiated studies. May manage the review, abstract, collection and analysis of data. Collects data for patients enrolled in the study and maintains data in electronic data system. Updates and submits data within specific timeline. Obtains research source documents from patient records. Verifies pharmaceutical study source documents are correct including required signatures. Implements study-specific source documents | Minimum Requirements: High School Diploma or GED. 6 months data entry | Preferred Requirements: Quality assurance experience] / University of Oklahoma (OU); Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Research and Development Specialist in Metabolomics and Cheminformatics

Thu, 20 September 2018 10:54 +0000 GMT

lu: Research and Development Specialist in Metabolomics and Cheminformatics [2+3 y | 100% | Duties: Establish, develop and maintain computational mass spectrometry and cheminformatics software and workflows, primarily for target and non-target metabolomics and environmental analysis | Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree (MSc or equivalent) in bioinformatics, cheminformatics, chemistry, biotechnology, environmental sciences, mathematics or related fields. Experience in R, Java, web services, Docker containers and designing user-friendly interfaces. Experience with Git-based subversion control (GitHub, GitLab), BioConductor and/or CRAN. Experience with non-target mass spectrometry data (metabolomics, environmental) and major cheminformatics toolkits (e.g. Chemistry Development Kit (CDK), OpenBabel and/or ChemAxon). Ability to design and implement code, services, workflows and data analysis for research activities. Supportive of Open Science initiatives and willing to become a highly active member in the online mass spectrometry and cheminfo...] / University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Institutional Research Analyst

Thu, 20 September 2018 10:38 +0000 GMT

us: Institutional Research Analyst [100% | Duties: Performs advanced statistical and quantitative analyses-using SPSS, SAS, or related software-in order to identify trends, provide comparisons with peers and aspirant peers, and create predictive models to identify and support university strategic goals. Identifies key performance indicators, assists with data reporting and requests, and functions as part of the team to develop new dashboards, scorecards, and self-service reports. Maintains the accuracy and integrity of Institutional data (student and faculty) and ensures timely reporting for Federal, State, and other mandatory and voluntary requirements. Assists with major presentations and the review of analytical software products, in collaboration with others | Minimum Requirements: Master's Degree in Math or a related field and three (3) years of related experience required | Preferred Requirements: The ideal candidate should have statistical and quantitative analyses experience using SPSS, SAS, or related software preferred] / University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB); Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Business Intelligence Data Designer/Developer

Thu, 20 September 2018 08:25 +0000 GMT

uk: Business Intelligence Data Designer/Developer [Permanent | 100% | Duties: The holder of this post will be part of a major development using Microsoft SQL Server 2017 SSIS, SSAS and Power BI (with some SSRS) to design, build and implement an enterprise-wide business intelligence and reporting service for the University. The person will be responsible for the design and development of the ETL processes and the data (including the dimensional databases, cubes and tabular models) required to support senior management decision making. Translate user requirements provided by business users, business analysts, subject matter experts and working groups into technical designs and documentation. Work directly with colleagues in other University departments to understand and refine information and reporting requirements | Minimum Requirements: Good honours degree or equivalent professional experience/qualification. Experience of working in a formal team with established working practices on business intelligence/data warehouse projects. Excellent knowledge and significant hands-on experience of designing, building, testing and deploying complex ETL solutions using SSIS in a medium/large organisation | Preferred Requirements: Knowledge and experience of at least one of SSAS cube design and deployment. SSAS tabular model design and deployment. Experience of ETL development using SQL Server 2012 or later] / Durham University; Durham, United Kingdom / deadline October 2

Research Fellow

Thu, 20 September 2018 06:30 +0000 GMT

uk: Research Fellow [1+ y | 100% | Duties: The post holder's primary responsibility will be to analyse existing data and submit manuscripts for publication, though there is scope for the candidate to participate in and, potentially, lead their own electrophysiological research project if desired | Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have an Honours degree (minimum 2: 1) in Neuroscience or equivalent, and have, or be close to obtaining, a PhD in Neuroscience or related subject area. Experience of analysing single-neuron data obtained during performance of behavioural tasks, using MATLAB (or related software) for data and statistical analysis and results visualization, and analysing choice-behaviour (eg, psychometric functions, drift-diffusion models) is essential] / University College London (UCL); London, United Kingdom / deadline October 2

EMBL International PhD Programme 2019

Wed, 19 September 2018 22:05 +0000 GMT

de, es, fr, it, uk: EMBL International PhD Programme 2019 [Duties: The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) invites you to apply for PhD positions in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Molecular Medicine. Our PhD positions come along with generous fellowships including broad health care benefits and pension access] / European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL); Barcelona, Grenoble, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Hinxton, Roma, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom / deadline October 22


Wed, 19 September 2018 19:53 +0000 GMT

us: Biostatistician [100% | Duties: Collaboration with clinical and translation researchers in design, implementation, analysis and dissemination of findings from clinical investigations, providing expertise in appropriate statistical methodology for analyzing data for research studies; developing study design and data analysis plans; analyze, evaluate and report findings from complex research data; prepare results for progress reports and presentations; preparation of peer reviewed publications; maintaining and documentation of the studies’ databases; presentation of results of statistical analyses to study investigators; consult with the study investigators on planning and specifying statistical analysis; consult on data collection methods and quality control | Minimum Requirements: The position requires a Bachelor’s in Statistics, Biostatistics or a closely related field (foreign equivalent acceptable), at least 1 year of relevant work experience in clinical and translational research, and proficiency with statistical software packages, particularly SAS. Candidates must be able to demonstrate thorough understanding of and ability to apply statistical methodology in areas such as mathematical statistics, multivariable regression, survival analysis, categorical data analysis, longitudinal methods, design and analysis of clinical trials, epidemiologic methods, nonparametric statistics and statistical inference] / University of Miami (UM); Miami, Florida, United States / deadline October 18

Bio-Statistics Associate

Wed, 19 September 2018 19:50 +0000 GMT

us: Bio-Statistics Associate [100% | Duties: The Bio-statistics Associate will provide experimental design and statistical assistance to faculty, staff and students in the Kentucky State University (KSU) Land Grant Program and College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems research and extension programs. Serve as a general statistical resource for faculty, staff and students in the KSU Land Grant Program and College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems research and extension programs. Assist faculty, staff and students in grant preparation, sample size planning, development of research specific aims and hypotheses, and tailoring statistical approaches to research aims. Assist in the analysis of data for theses and publications | Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree in Statistics, Agriculture, Agronomy, Health Sciences, or related fields. Knowledge of research design issues and approaches pertinent to experimental and observational studies. Knowledge and skills related to applied statistical methods, particularly those frequently used in the agricultural and health sciences. Expertise with a wide range of statistical software, including SAS and other PC based analysis software] / Kentucky State University (KSU); Frankfort, Kentucky, United States


Wed, 19 September 2018 19:36 +0000 GMT

us: Biostatistician [100% | Duties: Design and implement data analysis and research projects that inform intervention design and physician wellness programming. Assist with planning, development, analysis and implementation of projects related to physician wellness data. Oversee data collection processes and maintain data integrity. Run data validation tests, e.g., logical variable ranges, frequency of unknowns, data duplicates. Develop subsets/intermediate data sets for analysis. Prepare data files and relevant covariate data and manage data blending and linkages to other data sets. Evaluate, implement, and manage software solutions for data compilation and data management. Train other researchers and physicians on the use of data sets | Minimum Requirements: Proficient in at least two of R, SAS, SPSS, or STATA. Skills in descriptive analysis, modeling of data, and graphic interfaces. Outstanding ability to communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences. Demonstrated excellence in at least one area of expertise, which may include coordinating studies; statistical methodology such as missing data, survival analysis, statistical genetics, or informatics; statistical computing; database design (e.g., expertise in RedCAP or MySQL); graphical techniques (e.g., expertise in Illustrator) | Preferred Requirements: Master's degree or Ph.D preferred. in biostatistics, statistics or related field and at least 3 years of experience] / Stanford University; Stanford, California, United States

Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Wed, 19 September 2018 19:31 +0000 GMT

dk: Associate Professor of Biostatistics [100% | Duties: The associate professors must participate in the interdisciplinary and dynamic research environment at the Section of Biostatistics. Here the main duties will be to conduct biostatistical research at an international level, take actively part in the teaching at all levels at the Section and to supervise students at the master's and PhD level. Research, including publication/academic dissemination. Research-based teaching, including associated examination. Research leadership, including guidance and supervision of researchers. Obligation to share knowledge with the rest of society, including participation in public debate | Minimum Requirements: The successful applicant should be able to document a strong record of original scientific research in theory and applications of biostatistics at a high international level and achievable in a position as assistant professor or equivalent. For at least one of the positions, special emphasis will be put on expertise in statistical methods for analyzing high dimensional and complex data structures (e.g. functional data). All candidates are also expected to document their experience with all facets of university teaching and supervision. In addition associate professors are required to have good interpersonal and communicative skills] / University of Copenhagen (UCPH); Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark / deadline October 28

Research Assistant - Statistics

Wed, 19 September 2018 19:29 +0000 GMT

uk: Research Assistant - Statistics [part-time | Duties: To provide specialist statistical advice, support and effective guidance within the remit of the Unit. Plan and conduct assigned research under the supervision of the PI and in accordance with the project deliverables specified by the PI. Undertake analysis of the I-DSD, I-CAH and EuRRECa registries, develop protocols for analysising the data, documenting outcomes and drafting technical/progress reports and papers as required. Contribute to the organisation, supervision, mentoring and training of undergraduate and/or postgraduate students on statistical aspects of the projects and less experience members of the project team to ensure their effective development | Minimum Requirements: SCQF Level 10 (Honours degree). May be working towards a postgraduate qualification such as Masters (SCQF Level 11) or PhD (SCQF Level 12) in relevant subject, and experience of personal development in a similar or related role (s). An understanding of the role of technology in supporting research. Familiarity with relevant databases | Preferred Requirements: A postgraduate qualification or higher degree in Statistics or a numerate and/or scientific discipline (or equivalent) with a substantial statistics component. Knowledge of “big data” analysis. Knowledge of creating statistical queries in SQL databases] / University of Glasgow; Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom / deadline October 8

Data Scientist

Wed, 19 September 2018 17:28 +0000 GMT

us: Data Scientist [100% | Duties: The Data Scientist will work closely with Brain Tumor Center investigators and data scientists at the Institute for Computational Health Sciences to conceptualize, design, and develop analytic solutions connecting patient data with high dimensional, complex genomic data | Minimum Requirements: Bachelor's degree in related area and 5 years of work experience, or equivalent experience/training. Demonstrated experience in database data integration, data capture an application of advanced data analytics, including data mining and visualization. Experience with TCGA, GTEX, TARGET and other large data sets. Working knowledge of cancer biology, cancer immunology, cancer therapy, and clinical trials. Knowledgeable of statistical packages R and Bioconductor. In-depth knowledge of research function. Advanced skills associated with statistical analysis, database management and systems programming. Advanced skills in analysis and consultation. Advanced ability to communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner both ver... | Preferred Requirements: M.D. or Ph.D. in bioinformatics, medical-related biology, statistics or computer-science. Advanced project management skills. Ability to lead and influence within and external to project team. Demonstrated background using genomic signatures to analyze patient and animal data] / University of California, San Francisco (UCSF); San Francisco, California, United States

Assistant Professor Math/Computer Science/Statistics

Wed, 19 September 2018 16:59 +0000 GMT

us: Assistant Professor Math/Computer Science/Statistics [tenure-track | 100% | Duties: In addition to teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the faculty member is expected to supervise graduate students, to maintain a program of scholarly activity, to work on curriculum development, and to be involved in departmental governance. Faculty in applied mathematics are also expected to supervise student teams working on industry-sponsored research projects run by the department's Center for Applied Mathematics, Computation and Statistics (CAMCOS) | Minimum Requirements: Candidates must have a doctoral degree in the mathematical sciences or a closely related field by time of the appointment. We seek applicants with demonstrated evidence of excellence in teaching at the university level, outstanding research potential, and a commitment to department service. A successful candidate will have expertise in an area of applied mathematics, such as differential equations, numerical methods, or image analysis. Applicants should demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to educational goals of a multicultural population as might have been gained in cross-cultural study, training, teaching and other comparable experience | Preferred Requirements: Experience with business, industry, or government is highly desirable, as we are looking for faculty who will help students find mathematical careers in business, industry, or government] / San Jose State University (SJSU); San Jose, California, United States / deadline December 15

Senior Master Data Management Developer

Wed, 19 September 2018 16:32 +0000 GMT

us: Senior Master Data Management Developer [Duties: The Senior MDM Developer will be an integral member of the Data Services Management Team. This is a hands-on role which will be responsible for design, development, and implementation of cutting-edge sophisticated enterprise-wide Master Data Management Solutions. The primary responsibility of this role is to design, develop, implement, deliver and support large enterprise MDM solutions for Members Providers, Employees, Products etc | Minimum Requirements: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or other related disciplines. 10+ years of hands-on professional experience on IBM MDM InfoSphere (11.0+ preferred) and WebSphere Application Server. 8+ years of proven hands-on experience with Data Warehouse ELT/ETL design and development, methodologies, tools, processes and best practices desired. 5+ years of hands-on experience in at least one relational data source such as Oracle, SQL Server and Data warehouse MPP applications such Netezza, Teradata etc. Senior level experience with procedural languages such as SQL for Netezza, Oracle and SQL Server Platforms. Strong experience with Informatica PowerCenter, Data Quality, Golden Gate and Denodo data virtualization. Proven expertise in writi... | Preferred Requirements: Working knowledge of the Health Care/Insurance Industry systems and business operations a strong plus] / Blue Shield of California (BSCA); San Francisco, California, United States

Postdoctoral Research Staff Member (Data Scientist)

Wed, 19 September 2018 16:30 +0000 GMT

us: Postdoctoral Research Staff Member (Data Scientist) [1+3 y | Duties: Research, design, implement, and apply a variety of advanced data science methods for multiple applications in a collaborative scientific environment. Actively participate with project scientists and engineers in defining, planning, and formulating experimental, modeling, and simulation efforts for complex problems stemming from national security applications. Propose and implement advanced analysis methodologies, collect and analyze data, and document results in technical reports and peer-reviewed publications. Contribute to grant proposals and collaborate with others in a multidisciplinary team environment | Minimum Requirements: Recent PhD in Machine Learning, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field. Demonstrated ability and desire to obtain substantial domain knowledge in fields of application and ability to communicate effectively with subject matter experts. Experience with developing, implementing and applying advanced statistical and machine learning models and algorithms. Demonstrated research ability, as documented by publications, reports, and presentations. Experience applying advanced data analysis methodologies for prediction and scientific discovery while integrating a thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms generating the data in computer science, machine learning, computational statistics, and uncertainty quantificatio... | Preferred Requirements: Experience with high-performance computing, GPU programming, parallel programming, cloud computing, and/or related methods. Demonstrated technical leadership in fields related to data science] / Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL); Livermore, California, United States

Lecturer - Data Science (Computer Science)

Wed, 19 September 2018 16:28 +0000 GMT

us: Lecturer - Data Science (Computer Science) [100% | Duties: The successful candidate will perform teaching and guidance duties in the area of Computer Science; share responsibility for committee and department assignments including administrative, supervisory and other functions; advise and mentor students; engage in professional activities; and demonstrate collegiality and ability to work with others. Participation in curriculum development and assessment activities, as well as other college initiatives, is expected | Minimum Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science required. Minimum of two to three years' college teaching experience required. Must possess strong pedagogical skills along with the ability to teach successfully. Must be able to cooperate with others for the good of the institution. All candidates must meet ICRA employment eligibility requirements for appointment | Preferred Requirements: M.S. degree in Computer Science. A record of scholarly and/or professional achievement. Experience utilizing instructional technology and web applications] / City University of New York (CUNY); New York City, New York, United States / deadline October 1

High Dimensional Data Analysis

Wed, 19 September 2018 16:11 +0000 GMT

us: High Dimensional Data Analysis [tenure-track | 100% | Duties: The candidate is expected to take an active role in undergraduate and graduate teaching, conduct a vigorous externally funded research program, advise graduate students, and participate in department and university governance. We also seek candidates who demonstrate effectiveness in teaching, mentoring, nurturing, and inspiring diverse students of all ethnicities, nationalities and genders, including first generation college undergraduates | Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have a Ph.D. in applied mathematics or a related area, a strong record of research accomplishments, and have excellent teaching and communication skills | Preferred Requirements: Note that the most competitive candidates will have likely had postdoctoral training] / University of Colorado Boulder (UCB); Boulder, Colorado, United States

Bioinformatician/Data Scientist

Wed, 19 September 2018 13:58 +0000 GMT

at: Bioinformatician/Data Scientist [Duties: The Superti-Furga laboratory is seeking a Bioinformatician/Data Scientist to support the group with core computational analyses, statistical evaluation and expert visualization of systems biology research data. In this role you will also be responsible for the management and the organization of datasets, you will participate in weekly lab meetings and you will collaborate and exchange with our computational scientists group at CeMM | Minimum Requirements: profound programming expertise (e.g. R, Python, Java, …); experience working in Linux environments (with Bash scripting is an asset); experience in adapting and integrating existing bioinformatics tools; solid understanding of statistics | Preferred Requirements: experience in data analysis in one or more fields of systems biology research (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, high-content screening, imaging analysis); more advanced software engineering skills (Git, algorithms, web development)] / CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences; Wien, Austria / deadline October 31

Data Management Lead

Wed, 19 September 2018 11:37 +0000 GMT

uk: Data Management Lead [3 y | 100% | Duties: The focus of the role will be to provide leadership on all data management activities across the lifecycle, including liaison with and advice to study teams, as well as gathering information, building and supporting new and existing study databases for clinical research, using EDC systems such as OpenClinica and RedCap. It will also involve developing and documenting data management processes, as well as line management and supervision of junior colleagues in the team. Training will be provided on any technical part of the role as required | Minimum Requirements: An undergraduate degree or above, with substantial relevant experience in data management or database development is required. Also among the essential requirements are in-depth experience of building and managing study databases with EDC tools, experience of developing and documenting data management processes and SOPs, line management experience, as well as a good understanding of the regulatory framework around data management and information governance] / Queen Mary University of London (QMUL); London, United Kingdom / deadline October 16

Versicherungsmathematiker (m/w)

Wed, 19 September 2018 07:41 +0000 GMT

ch: Versicherungsmathematiker (m/w) [100% | Aufgaben: Auf- und Ausbau unseres Kundencluster-Modells; Tarifierung im Bereich Krankenpflegeversicherung (KVG, VVG) und Kollektive Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen (KTG, UVGO/Z); Sparring-Partner des Vertriebes, Hinterfragen von Wirkungsverläufen, Erstellen von Handlungsempfehlungen; Unterstützung diverser Marktkampagnen; Aufbereitung von Ad-hoc Auswertungen mit Bezug zu aktuariellen Fragen | Anforderungen: Hochschulabschluss, idealerweise in Mathematik, Statistik oder vergleichbarem Hintergrund; Fundierte Erfahrung in R- und SQL-Programmierung; Kenntnisse im Bereich Datamining und maschinelles Lernen (Klassifikation und Regressionsmodelle) erleichtern ihnen den Einstieg; Erfahrung im Bereich der Sozial- und Zusatz-Versicherungen von Vorteil; Gute Kenntnisse in Datenhaltung und Verarbeitung; Versierter Umgang mit der gesamten MS-Office-Palette] / SWICA Gesundheitsorganisation (SWICA); Winterthur, Switzerland

Grant/Fellowship: Humboldt-Forschungspreis

Wed, 19 September 2018 06:08 +0000 GMT

de: Grant/Fellowship: Humboldt-Forschungspreis [Aufgaben: Mit dem Preis werden Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler für ihr bisheriges Gesamtschaffen ausgezeichnet, deren grundlegende Entdeckungen, Erkenntnisse oder neue Theorien das eigene Fachgebiet nachhaltig geprägt haben und von denen auch in der Zukunft weitere Spitzenleistungen erwartet werden können. Nominiert werden können Wissenschaftler aus dem Ausland aller Fachrichtungen und aller Länder. Auf die Nominierungen qualifizierter Wissenschaftlerinnen wird besonderer Wert gelegt | Anforderungen: Internationale Anerkennung des Nominierten als herausragend qualifizierter Wissenschaftler (z. B. Auszeichnungen, positive Resonanz auf Veröffentlichungen, etc.); Zukunftsperspektive für die nächsten Jahre als aktiver, wissenschaftlich einflussreicher Forscher; Ausführliche gutachterliche Stellungnahme eines Wissenschaftlers an einer Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland, der den Nominierten zu einem Forschungsaufenthalt in Deutschland einladen möchte; Zwei Referenzgutachten wichtiger internationaler und eins vom deutschen Kooperationspartner bzw. Wissenschaftler; Die Humboldt-Stiftung setzt voraus, dass bei Nominierung und Förderung die Regeln guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis eingehalten werden] / Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung (AvH); Germany

Bioinformatician/Software Engineer for Genomic Data Warehousing (m/f)

Wed, 19 September 2018 05:20 +0000 GMT

lu: Bioinformatician/Software Engineer for Genomic Data Warehousing (m/f) [2+ y | 100% | Duties: Continue building up a whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing data warehouse and analysis platform. Setting up of an electronic data capture system to collect the clinical data and harmonize the retrospective clinical data from different partners of the PDGSC and other PD consortia. Further development of PD variant database and linking to corresponding clinical data and related PD pathways, networks and models | Minimum Requirements: A Bachelor degree in computer science, computational biology or bioinformatics, with an interest in NGS data analysis and translational medicine. Strong computer programming (Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS) skills and knowledge of RDMBS (PostgreSQL or equivalent) are mandatory and experience with Django, TkInter, jQuery are considered as an advantage. Experience with genomic databases or processing environments like GenomeDB and Hail would be an advantage. Excellent communication skills and the ability to articulate clearly the scientific and technical needs and to work within an interdisciplinary setting, communicating with other internal/external partners. Prior experience dealing with clinical and omics data integration as well as NoSQL d...] / University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg / deadline October 17

Marine Data Manager

Tue, 18 September 2018 10:59 +0000 GMT

uk: Marine Data Manager [100% | Duties: Based at our Liverpool site, you will work in our large team of scientific data managers ensuring that marine data collected on research projects is curated and made widely available for long term re-use. You will be involved in managing data from national/international projects for which BODC is the designated Data Centre. The work is intellectually challenging and fulfilling. You will be expected to develop solutions for the management of data within your area of responsibility. You will also be expected to work closely with project scientists and to develop a clear scientific insight into the data being handled. Some seagoing work may be arranged to familiarise the successful candidate with data collection techniques | Minimum Requirements: To be successful in this role you will need to understand the value of sharing quality marine science data. You will have a degree or post-graduate qualification in marine science with experience of working with large scientific datasets. Well-developed computer skills will be required, ideally including some scientific programming experience. Good communication, planning and problem solving skills are highly desirable, as is an understanding of project management] / National Oceanography Centre (NOC); Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom / deadline October 14

Doctoral researcher (PhD student) in Cellular Biology Group

Tue, 18 September 2018 08:42 +0000 GMT

lu: Doctoral researcher (PhD student) in Cellular Biology Group [14+34 m | 100% | Duties: The Developmental and Cellular Biology Group at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine utilizes human stem cells for modeling and experimental treatment of neurodegenerative disease. Projects in the lab are at the interface of systems biology and bio-medical research. In particular we aim on developing novel, complex in vitro models that are specific for the human brain. Our main disease model is Parkinson’s disease | Minimum Requirements: A Master degree or equivalent in Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Computational Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, or related discipline. Strong interest in interdisciplinary research and cellular models of neurodegeneration. Profound knowledge of neurology, molecular and cellular biology, immunology, molecular genetics or related discipline. Expertise with iPSC technology desirable. Excellent communication, team-working and interpersonal skills. Enthusiasm and great commitment to research. Very good command of the English language | Preferred Requirements: Successful applicants should have a strong interest in Cell Biology and Neurobiology. Experience in the work with human stem cells, microglia and/or the CRISPR/Cas9 system is a significant advantage. We are looking for highly motivated candidates who share our passion for research, are interested in acquiring new skills and wish to be part of an international team] / University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg / deadline October 15

(Senior) Consultant (m/w) - Data Scientist

Tue, 18 September 2018 08:31 +0000 GMT

de: (Senior) Consultant (m/w) - Data Scientist [Aufgaben: Als Teil des (neuen) Centers of Competence (CoC) für Data & Analytics im Bereich der Digitalisierung der Steuer – und Finanzeinheiten von Unternehmen unterstützt du Innovationen und Projekte mittels deiner ausgezeichneten Fähigkeit Daten zu analysieren, zu visualisieren und in einem betriebswirtschaftlichen Kontext erläutern zu können. Data Mining, Machine Learning und Predictive Modelling begleiten dich in deinem Arbeitstag | Anforderungen: Du hast dein Studium der (Wirtschafts-) Informatik, des (Wirtschafts-) Ingenieurwesens, der (Wirtschafts-) Mathematik oder der Wirtschaftswissenschaften mit IT-Schwerpunkt erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Erste praktische Erfahrungen in der Programmierung/Softwareentwicklung (SQL, R, Java, C, C++, ASP, PHP, .NET, Software Design) kannst du vorweisen. Zudem hast du bereits Kenntnisse mit agiler oder klassischer Projektmethodik (z.B. Scrum, Kanban, PMI, PRINCE2 oder vergleichbar) gesammelt. Des Weiteren verfügst du über Erfahrungen in Statistik, Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Methoden der künstlichen Intelligenz wie bspw. (Un)Supervised Learning, Deep Learning etc.. Du bringst Begeisterung für die gemeinsame Weiterentwicklung von komplexen Them...] / PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (PwC); Germany

(Senior) Manager (m/w) - Data Scientist

Tue, 18 September 2018 08:30 +0000 GMT

de: (Senior) Manager (m/w) - Data Scientist [Aufgaben: Als Teil des (neuen) Centers of Competence (CoC) für Data & Analytics im Bereich der Digitalisierung der Steuer- und Finanzeinheiten von Unternehmen unterstützt du durch deine Expertise in leitender Funktion Innovationen und Projekte mittels deiner ausgezeichneten Fähigkeit Daten zu analysieren, zu visualisieren und im einem betriebswirtschaftlichen Kontext erläutern zu können. Data Mining, Machine Learning und Predictive Modelling begleiten dich in deinem Arbeitstag | Anforderungen: u hast dein Studium der (Wirtschafts-) Informatik, des (Wirtschafts-) Ingenieurwesens, der (Wirtschafts-) Mathematik oder der Wirtschaftswissenschaften mit IT-Schwerpunkt erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Mehrjährige Berufserfahrung in spezifischen Beratungs- und Entwicklungsprojekten kannst du bereits vorweisen. Erste praktische Kenntnisse in der Programmierung/Softwareentwicklung (SQL, Java, R, C, C++, ASP, PHP, .NET, Software Design) sind von Vorteil. Zudem sind Erfahrungen mit agiler oder klassischer Projektmethodik (z.B. Scrum, Kanban, PMI, PRINCE2 oder vergleichbar) von Vorteil. Des Weiteren verfügst du über Erfahrungen in Statistik, Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Methoden der künstlichen Intelligenz wie bspw. (Un)Supervised Learning, De...] / PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (PwC); multiple locations, Germany

Assistant Professor of Mathematics - Applied Mathematician (PDF)

Tue, 18 September 2018 08:04 +0000 GMT

us: Assistant Professor of Mathematics - Applied Mathematician (PDF) [tenure-track | Duties: Applications are invited for a tenure-track assistant professor in Mathematics to begin Fall 2019. We work with diverse student populations and teach courses that include elements of civic engagement | Minimum Requirements: Candidates must have completed or be completing a PhD in Mathematics, or closely related field, with research interests in applied mathematics. We seek candidates who model and study natural, social, or humanistic phenomena with tools from varied areas of mathematics; these areas might include ordinary and partial differential equations, nonlinear dynamical systems, numerical methods, and more. Strong candidates will have a track record in the mentoring of undergraduate research and a commitment to teaching and research in an undergraduate liberal arts environment] / Macalester College; Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States / deadline November 15

CK Group: Senior Statistician - Oxfordshire

Mon, 17 September 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

£45000 - £55000 per annum: CK Group: Stephanie Maccioni is currently recruiting for a Senior Statistician to join a global Pharmaceutical company for a permanent position. The position is based on site... Oxfordshire

CK Group: Project Statistician - Windlesham, Surrey

Mon, 17 September 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

£60 per hour: CK Group: Natasha Young at CK Group is recruiting for a Project Statistician to join an international statistics team who provide innovative scientific and operational excellence in... Surrey

NonStop Recruitment Ltd: Research Statistician - Cell Culture & Animal Models

Thu, 13 September 2018 10:07 +0000 GMT

£92472 - £115590 per annum: NonStop Recruitment Ltd: Research Statistician - Cell Culture & Animal Models A global organisation, based in Switzerland, are looking for a statistician scientist with experience of large scale statistical analysis of research. France

Paramount Recruitment: Senior Bioinformatician

Tue, 11 September 2018 07:43 +0000 GMT

Negotiable: Paramount Recruitment: Senior Bioinformatician One of the country's leading Research Institutes has released an opportunity for a Senior Senior Bioinformatician to develop a talented, multi-disciplinary informatics team. Oxfordshire, England

Global Academy Jobs: Research Associate/Senior Research Associate in Sea Level Research

Mon, 10 September 2018 05:00 +0000 GMT

Global Academy Jobs: This position is part of a five-year European Research Council grant (GlobalMass, ) including four other positions, which together United Kingdom

CK Group: Statistician - Oxford

Mon, 10 September 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

Competitive: CK Group: Andy Leake at CK Clinical is recruiting for a Statistician to join a CRO on a permanent basis. This role is based near Oxford with... Oxford

CK Group: Expert Statistician in Basel

Mon, 10 September 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

Competitive: CK Group: Jocelyn Blackham is currently recruiting for an experienced contract Expert Statistician to join a leading biotech company. This is to be based at their site... Basel

CK Group: Statistician in Stirling, Scotland

Thu, 06 September 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

Competitive: CK Group: Andy Leake is recruiting for a Statistician to join an innovative medical devices company at their site based in Stirling, Scotland on a permanent basis. ... Stirling

CK Group: Senior Statistician - Stirling, Scotland

Thu, 06 September 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

Competitive: CK Group: Andy Leake is recruiting for a Senior Statistician to join an innovative medical device company at their site based in Stirling, Scotland on a permanent... Stirling

Global Academy Jobs: Research Officer

Mon, 03 September 2018 05:00 +0000 GMT

Global Academy Jobs: The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) was established in 2007 and forms a major Australia