Jobs for statisticians


Scientific Software Developer

Sun, 18 November 2018 11:03 +0000 GMT

uk: Scientific Software Developer [21 m | 100% | Duties: Reporting to the Senior Analyst in Pathogen Genomics, you will take part in various steps of data processing: gathering, validating and curating the data, as well as develop and deploy scripts to support complex analytical tasks in collaboration with members of the research team. In addition, you will schedule and monitor processing jobs and make results available in a timely manner and develop or tailor analytical tools and resources in collaboration with members of the research team | Minimum Requirements: Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering or other quantitative discipline, or equivalent experience. Enthusiasm for using informatics to support research and improve global health. Demonstrated proficiency in working with Linux-like systems. Excellent independent problem-solving skills. Ability to communicate effectively with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and levels of technical expertise. Demonstrated ability to organise and prioritise work efficiently whilst delivering results to the required standard and to an agreed schedule. Flexibility in adapting to new technologies and working with scientific software that is under continued development | Preferred Requirements: Demonstrated proficiency in Python. Familiarity with web development frameworks (eg. Django or Flask) or workflow managers (eg. Nextflow, Jenkins). Hands-on experience writing scripts that interface with relational database management systems (DBMS), especially MySQL] / University of Oxford; Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom / deadline January 11

Senior Data Solutions Consultant

Sun, 18 November 2018 11:01 +0000 GMT

au: Senior Data Solutions Consultant [Duties: This position has a strong focus on the management of data that is created by the pool of instruments that exist across the University. This position will work with other members of the Data Solutions team to develop and implement specific solutions and will need to work closely with other parts of Infrastructure Services that provide the equipment and services that provide connectivity and data movement from the instruments to appropriate data storage environments | Minimum Requirements: A degree in Computer Science, Information Science or equivalent qualifications. 3+ years of Java software development and familiarity with implementing scalable solutions using web-oriented APIs (e.g. Google Web Toolkit). Demonstrated experience with programming languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML. Good understanding of basic data management and security principles and best practices within a research setting. Demonstrated experience and ability to work closely with researchers and understand their research processes and scientific requirements and translate these into research-enhancing software solutions] / University of Melbourne; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia / deadline November 29

Research Associate in Enhancing Machine Learning with Physical Constraints

Sun, 18 November 2018 10:55 +0000 GMT

uk: Research Associate in Enhancing Machine Learning with Physical Constraints [1 y | 100% | Duties: You will be expected to conduct research in the field of the mathematics of Gaussian processes and/or uncertainty quantification, developing machine learning methodology to be applied to spatio-temporal physical phenomena. You will develop novel mathematical tools that will enable the incorporation of physical constraints into empirical machine learning. You will test the feasibility of drawing links to the orthogonal basis decomposition methods used in applied maths and theoretical physics, and thus find approaches for constraining the functions to be physically obedient | Minimum Requirements: You will have, or be about to obtain, a PHD in statistics or theoretical/computational physical sciences or have equivalent experience, with some experience of machine learning] / University of Sheffield; Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom / deadline December 10

Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme in Mathematical Genomics and Medicine

Sun, 18 November 2018 10:53 +0000 GMT

uk: Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme in Mathematical Genomics and Medicine [4 y | Duties: Successful applicants will develop quantitative techniques and theoretical approaches and apply them to practical problems in both translational and basic biomedical research | Minimum Requirements: Successful applicants will have strong mathematical, statistical and computational skills, and may include exceptional biologists] / University of Cambridge; Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom / deadline December 7

Lecturer in Mathematical or Computational Biology

Sun, 18 November 2018 10:49 +0000 GMT

uk: Lecturer in Mathematical or Computational Biology [100% | Duties: The appointment is within the “Bioinformatics and Mathematical Biology” Research Focus. The successful candidate will join a thriving group of mathematical and computational researchers spanning the life sciences, with strong links to the Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Environment and Geography, and Hull York Medical School. You will develop research objectives, projects and proposals and carry out individual or collaborative research and lead on or contribute to the production of research outputs and dissemination of research outcomes | Minimum Requirements: You will hold a PhD or equivalent, and will ideally have postdoctoral experience with sustained evidence of academic excellence and of success in raising research funding. You will have the potential to continue to attract funding to develop your research portfolio. You will show commitment to undergraduate/postgraduate education and preference may be given to candidates with teaching experience or accreditation, or experience in training research students. Candidates should demonstrate how they would strengthen partnerships and disciplines within the Department and how they would foster research collaborations within the Faculty and University, as well as internationally and with industry | Preferred Requirements: We encourage applicants taking quantitative approach to biology, seeking to explain biological phenomena through mathematical or statistical analysis and modelling. We are particularly interested in candidates using large data sets and mathematical or computational approaches to provide new biological insight and/or hypotheses for experimental testing] / University of York; York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom / deadline December 16

Researcher in Computational Biophysics

Sun, 18 November 2018 10:46 +0000 GMT

se: Researcher in Computational Biophysics [6+ m | 100% | Duties: The division of Biophysics develops some of the world’s most used tools for modelling biological systems, and leads the EU-funded center-of-excellence BioExcel. As part of this center, we seek a researcher who will work with development and advanced user support within BioExcel, in particular the program GROMACS. The duties involve implementation of new algorithms, making programs more user-friendly to solve concrete biological problems, and organizing education and user support, e.g. conferences | Minimum Requirements: PhD in biophysics or equivalent field. Experience from working with GROMACS and parallel programming (C++, Python), using and documenting scientific applications. The position requires a very good command of written and spoken English | Preferred Requirements: Prior experience from molecular dynamics method development in general, and GROMACS in particular, is a very strong merit, as is experience from modelling macromolecules such as proteins and membranes and combinations with experimental techniques such as cryoelectron microscopy and X-ray crystallography. Active research in the field is also a merit] / KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH); Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden / deadline December 3

Data scientist to the Department of Political Science and GLD

Sun, 18 November 2018 06:30 +0000 GMT

se: Data scientist to the Department of Political Science and GLD [100% | Duties: The main assignment is to work with maintenance and development of scripts (R, Stata and others) related to processing collected data. This includes among other things, quality control checks, data cleaning, running and managing GLD survey data and other data sources. Other assignments include data coding, assisting various research projects with modeling, analysis and diagnostics, creating figures of research results for reports, articles and other publications | Minimum Requirements: You have an advanced degree in Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Statistics, IT, Finance or related field. You must have extensive knowledge of quantitative methodologies and analysis as well as skills in data processing. You need to be able to think computational and have demonstrated knowledge of the program R or have the ability to achieve working proficiency in the program in a short amount of time. The ability to learn how to use new programs quickly is required. To be successful in this position you should have an interest in the projects that GLD undertakes. You need to be able to work well with a large, fluid and diverse team. You have flexibility to adjust to changing priorities when needed. You must have an eye for d... | Preferred Requirements: Experience of working with e.g. Matlab, Python, C++, C #, Java and SQL-scripts is an advantage. Knowledge of GIS and of Bayesian item response theory is an asset. To have experience in curating diverse datasets and designing visualization of data is also an asset. Demonstrated knowledge and interest in surveys as well as governance and development research is an advantage, but not required. Previous experience in a research project, particularly with quantitative focus, is an asset] / University of Gothenburg; Gothenburg, Västra Götaland County, Sweden / deadline December 4

Geospatial Metadata Coordinator

Sun, 18 November 2018 06:20 +0000 GMT

ca: Geospatial Metadata Coordinator [1, 5 y | 100% | Duties: The UBC Geospatial Metadata Coordinator provides technical expertise for the creation, collection, preservation and presentation of geospatial metadata in all formats. This member of the UBC Library data services team develops and oversees all metadata related activities for the project including template creation, metadata crosswalks, processes documentation, and ingestion for self-depositing researchers. This position also works with partners to coordinate these activities across collaborating research institutions | Minimum Requirements: Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Minimum of three years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience working with geospatial metadata standards including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Federal Geographic Data Consortium (FGDC) schemas for geographic data. Experience automating repetitive data manipulation tasks employing tools and techniques commonly used to manipulate metadata, such as OpenRefine, and scripting for text and data parsing. Experience extracting, parsing, cross-walking and transforming metadata. Strong problem-solving skills and experience working on library and university projects related to automating data manipulation tasks with metadata. E... | Preferred Requirements: Experience working in an academic, special or research library, or equivalent experience preferred. Experience with institutional and/or data repository software and a working knowledge of data management best practices preferred. Knowledge of appropriate computer languages and technologies such as Bash, Python, Ruby, Java, Apache, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Powershell, Git, XML, XSLT, CSS, and HTML preferred. A solid knowledge of established and emerging metadata standards (especially geospatial metadata), strong technical aptitude, and the ability to work collaboratively and independently in a team-oriented environment preferred] / University of British Columbia (UBC); Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada / deadline November 27

Research Fellow - Mental Health

Sat, 17 November 2018 17:36 +0000 GMT

no: Research Fellow - Mental Health [3 y | 100% | Duties: Research project “In the best interests of the child”, an evaluation of mediation as a method in parental disputes brought before the court and with a focus on a series of conversations with children as part of the proceedings. Data has already been collected. The project is aimed directly at obtaining more research knowledge of how the involved parties experience the handling of parental dispute cases in Norwegian courts. The reason for this is that previous research has shown that prolonged conflicts between parents are harmful to children in both the short- and long term. The Norwegian authorities have chosen to concentrate particularly on this subject area through a scheme in the District Courts known as “conflict and reconciliati... | Minimum Requirements: Relevant education in health studies and/or programme of professional study, or similar education at Master’s degree level | Preferred Requirements: Has qualitative method competence and a desire to work with applied and conceptual research. Data already available is of a qualitative character. The course of study has an exploratory and descriptive design, and is based on the use of phenomenology and hermeneutics as modes of analysis. Has experience from health studies and experience-based research. Has good written and oral presentation skills in English and Norwegian. The dissertation should be preferably written in English, and consist of articles published in international, indexed journals at level 1 or 2] / Nord University (UIN); Levanger, Norway / deadline December 5

Bioinformatician - Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology

Sat, 17 November 2018 17:25 +0000 GMT

se: Bioinformatician - Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology [100% | Duties: The Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Unit runs several major national and international projects focused on understanding the role of genomic and lifestyle factors in complex metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity and CVD. The Unit has led major projects funded by the National Institutes of Health, European Research Council and Innovative Medicines Initiative, several of which are ongoing. We are currently seeking to recruit one or more talented and enthusiast data analysts | Minimum Requirements: Strong background in at least one of the following: statistical genetics, including analysis of GWAS (or similar) datasets, including all standard procedures such as genotype imputation, meta-analysis, and in silico functional annotation; bioinformatics, with experience combining multiomics datasets including array and sequence data for gene expression and DNA methylation, and metabolomics, and in silico functional annotation; biostatistics, with experience in survival analysis, interaction modeling, and prediction analyses. A PhD (or possibly master’s degree) in statistical genetics, bioinformatics, or biostatistics. At least 1-year post-doctoral experience working in the aforementioned fields. Excellent grasp of R and Stata | Preferred Requirements: Familiarity with other programming languages such as Python, C++, or PEARL is preferred. Knowledge of epidemiological methods and of cardiometabolic disease is preferred, although not essential] / Lund University; Lund, Scania, Sweden / deadline November 29

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sat, 17 November 2018 17:04 +0000 GMT

uk: Postdoctoral Research Associate [2 y | 100% | Duties: We offer an exciting opportunity for an individual to contribute to our research programme which spans public health, epidemiology, policy analysis and computer simulation modelling. We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced statistical or scientific programmer willing to join a cutting edge Public Health modelling programme which focuses on exciting methodological challenges and policy impact. You will contribute to developing our rapidly evolving Public Health Policy Simulation Modelling research. Applications span a wide range of topical public health issues around inequalities and disease prevention | Minimum Requirements: We are looking for an enthusiastic individual experienced in three or more of the following areas: Advanced programming skills using a range of programming languages; Experience in operational research or advanced mathematical simulation modelling; A strong background on health or quantitative sciences] / University of Liverpool; Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom / deadline December 13

Research Associate in Wireless and SATCOM Systems Development

Sat, 17 November 2018 17:00 +0000 GMT

lu: Research Associate in Wireless and SATCOM Systems Development [2 y | 100% | Duties: The successful candidate will join a strong and motivated research team to perform research in the following signal processing topics: Distributed and cooperative satellite systems. Multibeam/Multiuser MIMO Satellite Systems. Beamforming for Distributed and Massive MIMO radio systems. Advanced on-board signal processing techniques. Synchronization techniques for advanced radio systems | Minimum Requirements: he candidate should possess a Ph.D. degree in Engineering or equivalent in Engineering, Computer Science or Applied Mathematics. With a proven record of accomplishment of more than two years in SDR prototyping and laboratory experimentation. The ideal candidate should have some knowledge and experience in a number of the following topics: Communication Systems including Wireless and SATCOM in general. Test-bed design and implementation on Software Defined Radio platforms. Programming skills in at least one of the following: MATLAB/Simulink, GNURadio/C++, Labview suites. FPGA/Hardware development using Low and High-Level Description Tools. Microwave and RF design. Embedded/Onboard Digital Signal Processing. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MI...] / University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg / deadline February 1

Professor - Data Driven Partial Differential Equations

Sat, 17 November 2018 16:55 +0000 GMT

at: Professor - Data Driven Partial Differential Equations [100% | Duties: We are looking for outstanding scientists who are active in the development of mathematical models or numerical methods in partial differential equations, in connection with uncertainty or data science. Specific fields of interest include stochastic partial differential equations, uncertainty quantification, optimal control, machine learning, and their applications. The successful candidate is expected to create a research group at the Faculty of Mathematics, interacting with the SFB 'Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems' | Minimum Requirements: Doctoral degree/PhD and at least two years post-doctoral experience at a university or other research institution; as a general rule, applicants who have completed a doctoral programme at the University of Vienna, must have gained research experience outside the University of Vienna for at least two years. Outstanding achievements and potential in research, excellent publication record, international reputation. Experience in designing and participating in research projects, ability to lead research groups, willingness to acquire third-party funding] / Universität Wien; Wien, Austria / deadline January 7

Senior Research Fellow - Data Science/Data Specialist

Sat, 17 November 2018 15:42 +0000 GMT

au: Senior Research Fellow - Data Science/Data Specialist [100% | Duties: You will provide computer programming, statistical, and analytical support required for undertaking quantitative data development and analysis on projects that involve the analysis of issues of relevance to Australian economic and social policy. Using state of the art data science tools and techniques, and computer programming, you will extract new information and insights from large-scale economic and social data. Your highly developed skills in data science and/or quantitative empirical data analysis that may include the development of structured field studies and/or surveys will be essential in providing efficient and effective support in data preparation, applied data analysis and data visualisation | Minimum Requirements: The position will suit an applicant with a PhD or equivalent in data science, statistics or closely related field that involves empirical analysis (e.g. could be in a PhD in economics). Candidates should possess highly developed skills in data preparation, applied data analysis and data visualisation relevant to large-scale, complex datasets. They should also have substantial experience with the use of statistical software packages and knowledge of current tools and methods in data science. Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of social and economic data, as well as evidence of an emerging national or international reputation and the ability to publish in high quality journals] / University of Melbourne; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Research Fellow - Data Science/Data Analyst

Sat, 17 November 2018 15:39 +0000 GMT

au: Research Fellow - Data Science/Data Analyst [100% | Duties: You will work in the Data and Analytics team to provide research and data support to Melbourne Institute staff, using state of the art data science tools and techniques, and computer programming to extract new information and insights from large-scale economic and social data. Your highly developed programming, data management and statistical skills will be essential in providing efficient and effective support in data preparation, applied data analysis and data visualisation | Minimum Requirements: The position will suit an applicant with a PhD or equivalent in empirical methods, data science, statistics or closely related field that involves empirical analysis (e.g. could be in a PhD in economics). Candidates should possess highly developed skills in data development, data preparation, applied data analysis and data visualisation relevant to large-scale datasets. They should also have substantial experience with the use of statistical software packages and knowledge of current tools and methods in data science and/or empirical research methods] / University of Melbourne; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Data Manager - Development

Sat, 17 November 2018 15:28 +0000 GMT

za: Data Manager - Development [9 m | 100% | Duties: Collate existing data collection instruments. Develop generic data collection tools (case report forms). Develop generic Informed Consent (IC) documents. Harmonise the data collection tools with electronic CRFs and REDCap. Ensure that data collection tools generate interpretable outputs. Work closely with CIDRI-Africa and UCT Clinical Research Centre Data managers | Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a related field. 1 to 2 years experience in a clinical research environment. 2 to 3 years experience and knowledge of data management. 2 to 3 years experience and knowledge of IT systems. Experience and knowledge of REDCap. Valid work permit if not South African | Preferred Requirements: Proficient in coding language for a statistical software package (eg: Stata, R). Good Clinical Practice certification] / University of Cape Town (UCT); Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa / deadline November 28

Data Scientist/Statistical Programmer - Electronic Health Records

Sat, 17 November 2018 15:24 +0000 GMT

uk: Data Scientist/Statistical Programmer - Electronic Health Records [2 + y | 100% | Duties: The Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences is expanding the team of data scientists, researchers, programmers and statisticians who work with large primary care datasets (such as the Clinical Practice Research Datalink – CPRD), and other electronic health records. We are therefore seeking to appoint an enthusiastic and motivated data scientist/statistical programmer with experience in data management and statistical programming using large scale datasets in the field of medical statistics, epidemiology, or a related discipline. The successful applicant will participate in collaborative research on a range of topics using data in large electronic health records systems, such as the CPRD | Minimum Requirements: Current research focuses on several disease areas including cancer, diabetes, asthma, chronic kidney disease, arthritis, chronic heart disease and other long-term conditions as well as consultation behaviours. The successful applicant should hold a relevant Masters degree; have good communication skills, including the ability to write for publication and present results at meetings and conferences; and have demonstrable programming, analytical and statistical skills and experience of working with large, complex datasets] / University of Oxford; Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom / deadline December 7

Postdoc - Genomics and Epigenetics

Sat, 17 November 2018 15:18 +0000 GMT

se: Postdoc - Genomics and Epigenetics [100% | Duties: This position concerns developing and applying novel genomic approaches to study the impact of epigenetics and chromatin organization in cell-to-cell phenotypic heterogeneity. The candidate will focus on the development and application of novel tools to study the heterogeneity and inheritance of chromatin marks in human cells. The candidate will use, and contribute to, novel genome-wide methods that our lab is developing to study chromatin organization at single-molecule level and integrate it with novel CRISPR based approaches. The candidate is expected to contribute his/her own ideas to the common goal of understanding how epigenetic heterogeneity contributes to the appearance of differences across clonal populations of cells | Minimum Requirements: Applicants to this position should have a PhD in genomics, epigenetics or molecular biology. Scholarships for carrying out postdoctoral research may be granted to persons living in other countries who come to Sweden with the intention of only staying in Sweden for all or part of their postdoctoral education at KI. The head of the department determines whether their previous training and scholarly qualifications correspond to a Swedish PhD or higher] / Karolinska Institutet; Solna, Stockholm, Sweden / deadline November 24

Clinical Research Coordinator

Sat, 17 November 2018 14:15 +0000 GMT

us: Clinical Research Coordinator [100% | Duties: The mission of our laboratory is to improve the quality of life for patients with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders. The successful candidate will gain interdisciplinary research experience through assisting with the conduct and management of various clinical studies pertaining to celiac disease, gluten-related disorders, and disorders associated with increased intestinal permeability. The candidate will work on clinical and translational research projects that recruit both adult and pediatric populations. Projects involve the collection of health information, blood, stool, urine and/or intestinal biopsy specimens harvested through upper endoscopy procedures | Minimum Requirements: BA/BS is required. A scientific, pre-medical or health-related concentration and relevant coursework (biology, chemistry, immunology, epidemiology, etc.) is preferred | Preferred Requirements: Previous research experience including interface with research subjects, collection of clinical data, and/or familiarity with IRB requirements and regulatory documentation of research is preferred. Previous laboratory experience including knowledge of basic laboratory techniques and materials is also preferred] / Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH); Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Sr. Machine Learning Researcher

Sat, 17 November 2018 14:11 +0000 GMT

us: Sr. Machine Learning Researcher [100% | Duties: The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) is a national leader in scientific research and development. APL is actively seeking a Sr. Machine Learning Researcher, for the Intelligent Systems Group. The highly motivated researcher will contribute and/or lead advanced R&D projects in the broad area of machine intelligence including machine perception, adversarial machine learning, deep reinforcement learning, and reasoning under uncertainty | Minimum Requirements: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Optimization, or related field and 5+ years of experience. •Demonstrated ability in selecting, developing, and applying machine learning and data mining algorithms. •Experience dealing with large data sets. •Fluent, with hands-on experience in at least one of the standard development tools/languages such as Python, Java, C++/C, MATLAB, and R. •Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to articulate complex technical issues effectively and appropriately for a wide range of audiences | Preferred Requirements: Demonstrated capability to carry out original machine learning research beyond incremental application of existing techniques, as evidenced by publications in premier conferences. Research records that illustrate in-depth understanding of underlying theory necessary to develop novel algorithms to address unique real-world challenges. Extensive experience in developing and applying machine learning algorithms in application settings such as robotics, autonomous systems, neuroscience, and healthcare] / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL); Laurel, Maryland, United States

Principal Marketing Analyst

Sat, 17 November 2018 14:01 +0000 GMT

us: Principal Marketing Analyst [100% | Duties: Applies experience from strategy consulting, analytics, and data engineering to successfully act as the product owner for multiple analytics initiatives. Acts as a key subject matter expert and thought leader to management staff. Directs initiatives and/or staff using established best practices | Minimum Requirements: Master's degree. · Minimum 10 years total business experience. · 5+ years experience strategy consulting or on strategy teams in large companies. · 5+ years experience programming using R, Hadoop, or Python. · 5+ years of business experience leading analyses and initiatives with track record of business impact. · 5+ years of people management experience. · Healthcare sector experience preferred. · Demonstrates proficiency in most areas of mathematical analysis methods, machine learning, statistical analyses, and predictive modeling and in-depth specialization in some areas. · Experience in SAS or SQL or other programming languages] / Aetna, Inc. (Aetna); United States

Lecturer - The Development of an Online Course Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Sat, 17 November 2018 13:54 +0000 GMT

nl: Lecturer - The Development of an Online Course Epidemiology & Biostatistics [4 m | 80 - 100% | Duties: We would like to develop an online epidemiology and biostatistics course. To this aim, the Department of Health Sciences is currently looking for a lecturer. You will develop an online course in epidemiology and biostatistics in close collaboration with colleagues from the department of Health Sciences. The course will include online tools such as e-learnings or videoclips in which existing materials are integrated. You will test the quality of the online course and write an implementation and maintenance plan for the course | Minimum Requirements: PhD or MSc degree in Epidemiology, Health Sciences or other relevant discipline; experience in developing online tools, preferably for educational purposes; strong social and communicative skills and a pro-active professional attitude] / VU University Amsterdam (VU); Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Computational Biologist

Sat, 17 November 2018 13:00 +0000 GMT

uk: Computational Biologist [2 y | 100% | Duties: Provide bioinformatics analysis, support and interpretation for a variety of research and/or drug discovery projects. Work closely with other members of the department and project teams to deliver the scientific outputs to the projects. Stay abreast of the computational biology literature. Horizon scan for state-of-the-art tools and technologies that apply to the are of research. Develop innovative pipelines for large-scale data analysis. Report the results of bioinformatics analyses to research teams across the ICR. Contribute to publications, project reports and patents | Minimum Requirements: A minimum of two years postgraduate experience working in bioinformatics or computational biology in cancer genomics or an associated field. Proven experience of bioinformatics analyses and interpretation in one or more of the following key areas: Transcriptomics, including next generation RNA-Seq pipelines for profiling transcriptional and splicing deregulation and RNA editing; Genomics, including mutation and copy number profiling of exome and whole genome NGS DNA-Seq data, using analysis pipelines such as the Broad Best Practice workflows; Quantitative Proteomics, including SILAC and TMT data analysis using relevant software such as MaxQuant. Proven experience in the development of software pipelines to implement analysis workflows. Prov... | Preferred Requirements: PhD in Cancer Biology, Genetics, Computer Science or associated subject] / Institute of Cancer Research (ICR); London, United Kingdom / deadline December 2

Research Fellow/Research Associate/Research Assistant

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:59 +0000 GMT

hk: Research Fellow/Research Associate/Research Assistant [1 y | Duties: The appointee will assist the project leader in the research project – “Development of an intelligent taxi dispatch system using location-based realtime demand forecasting and revenue predictive model” | Minimum Requirements: Applicants for the Research Fellow post should have a doctoral degree in Transportation, Mathematics, Computing Science or related fields with at least three years of postdoctoral research experience or equivalent qualifications and experience; good knowledge of transport modelling, computer programming and/or optimization techniques. | Applicants for the Research Associate post should have a master's degree in Transportation, Mathematics, Computing Science or related fields, or a good honours degree in the said disciplines with three or more years of research experience; good knowledge of transport modelling, computer programming and/or optimization techniques. Applicants for the Research Assistant post should have an honours degr...] / The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU); Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Postdoctoral Associate

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:58 +0000 GMT

us: Postdoctoral Associate [100% | Duties: Responsibilities will include leading and contributing to the development of joint publications, participating in conferences, sharing results with laboratory partners, and collaborating with the research team on defining research priorities; and designing, analyzing, and reporting data gathered through basic laboratory experimentation, driving simulation, field experimentation, and naturalistic driving, with an emphasis on developing the foundations of research needed to influence the design and development of vehicle safety systems | Minimum Requirements: Ph.D. in industrial engineering, psychology, human factors, computer science, public health, or a demonstrably relevant field; demonstrated record of initiative and originality in research; strong analytic skills; and familiarity with statistical software tools such as R, SAS, or MATLAB. The position is ideal for candidates who are interested in an industrial or academic career related to vehicular safety | Preferred Requirements: Preference will be given to those whose training, skills, and research interests complement the research interests of the MIT research team and are in accord with the mission of the Santos Family Foundation--to improve vehicular safety for drivers, passengers, and vulnerable road users] / Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Medical Statistician

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:57 +0000 GMT

uk: Medical Statistician [2 y | 100% | Duties: The post-holder will be part of the statistical team supporting several NIHR funded trials and associated research projects related to diagnostic accuracy, and prognostic cohorts, some of which will be evaluating imaging tests for detection of cancer. In addition, the post-holder will have opportunities to contribute to the basic teaching activities of the Biostatistics group. The responsibilities of the post are commensurate with those expected of a Grade 7 research fellow | Minimum Requirements: Graduate in a numerate-related subject. MSc or PhD in Statistics or a relevant higher degree. Knowledge of medical statistics, clinical trials, diagnostic and test evaluation studies. Experience of applying statistical techniques e.g. logistic and Cox regression, analysis of variance, repeated measures. Skills in statistical programming, preferably in STATA. Experience of computer-based database management and data extraction/reporting techniques. Ability to work well both on own initiative and as part of a team. Evidence of good inter-personal, verbal and written communication skills. Meticulous attention to detail and high levels of accuracy. Aptitude for analysis which is real life and problem driven. Interest in the application of stati...] / University of Birmingham; Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom / deadline November 27

Research Associate - Biomedical Image Analysis and Machine Learning

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:55 +0000 GMT

uk: Research Associate - Biomedical Image Analysis and Machine Learning [30 m | 100% | Duties: To develop innovative image analysis and machine learning methods. The Research Assistant/Associate will undertake high quality research in biomedical image analysis and machine learning. Project MIRA is devoted to redefining the state-of-the-art in medical image analysis by developing a new generation of machine intelligence using powerful techniques of representation learning. An overarching objective is to harvest information from population data to construct the most advanced statistical models of anatomy and linking these models with demographics, lifestyle, genetics and disease | Minimum Requirements: PhD (or equivalent) in a subject relevant to medical imaging with particular expertise in medical image computing, computer vision or machine learning (Research Associate level). Candidates who have not yet been officially awarded their PhD will be appointed as Research Assistant. Knowledge of a broad range of techniques including medical image computing, computer vision or machine learning. Experience of dealing with specific groups of people, e.g. sponsors, patients. Excellent communication skills and be able to organise your own work with minimal supervision and prioritise work to meet deadlines | Preferred Requirements: Proven track record in medical image analysis, deep learning and scientific programming] / Imperial College London (ICL); London, United Kingdom / deadline November 29

Jr. Software Engineer (Programmer/Analyst)

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:50 +0000 GMT

us: Jr. Software Engineer (Programmer/Analyst) [100% | Duties: The newly formed Cancer Data Sciences group at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Centre is seeking a programmer/analyst with research and development experience. The successful candidate will be working with a broad team of Data Scientists, developing new quantitative strategies to improve our understanding and ability to treat cancer. Programmer/Analysts in our team are passionate about applying their knowledge of software-development and design to improve scientific research. They develop scalable and distributed software solutions that maximize utilitilization of both local high-performance computer infrastructure and a growing set of cloud-based assets | Minimum Requirements: Working knowledge of C++, R, Perl or Python programming. Working knowledge of software development tools and CASE tools. Experience with the software development including implementing designs and validating implementations against the original requirements. Knowledge of LINUX/Unix operating system, and source-code versioning systems. Strong computer science knowledge, including software design patterns. Knowledge of SQL and data modeling. Working knowledge of containerization (e.g. Docker, Singularity). Familiarity with distributed programming. Experience with machine-learning, bioinformatics and cancer or molecular biology. Knowledge of relational database software (e.g. Oracle, Postgres)] / Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center; Los Angeles, California, United States

Research Fellow/Postdoctoral Fellow

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:46 +0000 GMT

hk: Research Fellow/Postdoctoral Fellow [6 m | Duties: The appointees will assist the project leader in the research projects – “Development of an intelligent taxi dispatch system using location-based real-time demand forecasting and revenue predictive model” and “Design of smart taxi system for congested high density cities” | Minimum Requirements: Applicants for the Research Fellow should have a doctoral degree in Transportation, Mathematics, Computing Science or related disciplines with at least three years of relevant postdoctoral research experience. Applicants for the Postdoctoral Fellow post should have a doctoral degree in Transportation, Mathematics, Computing Science or related disciplines and must have no more than three years of post-qualification experience at the time of application. Applicants should have good knowledge of data mining, transport modelling, computer programming and/or optimization techniques] / The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU); Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Business Intelligence Analyst

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:43 +0000 GMT

us: Business Intelligence Analyst [100% | Duties: Support the development and monitoring of a business intelligence plan. Work collaboratively with data science and engineering leadership to conduct business intelligence activities in service of using data to make informed decisions. Develop metrics for business intelligence outcomes and monitor these metrics to ensure performance in this area. Provide project management and technical assistance services for a wide range of projects in the health unit. Mentor junior programmers on tasks that require data manipulation, visualization, and analysis | Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science or Analytics, Business Intelligence, or a relevant field. 1 to 2 years of experience in a policy research firm, preferably a firm with collaboration across different functional areas (e.g., data analytics, health and human services research). Demonstrated ability to apply concepts in business intelligence to improve operational decision making. Experience designing and implementing business intelligence solutions using MicroStrategy, QlikView, Tableau, and/or Cognos software. Exposure to applied data mining, machine learning, predictive modeling, or other data intensive analytic modeling | Preferred Requirements: Master’s degree in data science, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or statistics preferred. Working knowledge in Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), knowledge in frameworks such as Angular or Ember and visualization libraries such as D3 is a plus] / Mathematica Policy Research; Princeton, United States

Solutions Architect

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:38 +0000 GMT

ca: Solutions Architect [1 y | 33, 75 hours per week | Duties: Plan the organization of large sets of data and metadata for projects in genomics, epigenomics and other life science-related fields. This is done at both the database and filesystem levels. Participate in all key points of the data handling process, at the levels of ingestion, discovery and retrieval, providing data architecture direction. Work with data providers and analysts to create successful data models to support reporting and analytics needs. Participate in the conception of data exchange objects to modelize new types of information emanating from the constantly evolving field of high-throughput sequencing technologies | Minimum Requirements: Undergraduate degree. Three (3) years’ related experience. Knowledge in the field of genetics and bioinformatics, high-throughput experimental methodologies and with large genomic databases. Experience of working in a cloud environment. Solid experience in the use of controlled vocabularies and ontologies to describe life science research concepts. Experience with data exchange and linking concepts, and technologies such as RDF, JSON-LD and SPARQL. Experience with the Git content tracking system, and with creating, querying and maintaining relational databases (RDBMS), such as MySQL and Postgre. Knowledge of performance considerations for different database designs, based on environment requirements. Experience in the use of data modellin... | Preferred Requirements: Undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science, engineering. bioinformatics or related field with three to five years of relevant work experience preferred. Prior experience generating and analyzing genomic datasets and/or bioinformatics analysis experience is a plus] / McGill University; Montreal, Quebec, Canada / deadline November 29

Senior Associate

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:33 +0000 GMT

us: Senior Associate [100% | Duties: Translate business and technical requirements as well as solution architecture into detailed engineering solution designs for a defined functional domain. Leverage the OpenText Exstream composition platform and technology ecosystem to solve a wide range of business problems within the client communication domain. Work closely with Solution Architects, Business and Systems Analysts as well as Developers and Testers to ensure high-quality technical solution designs that can be implemented, tested, and deployed successfully. Partner with business stakeholders and IT Business Analysts to review and understand business requirements. Document and review technical specifications with Systems Analysts | Minimum Requirements: Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or related field (willing to accept foreign education equivalent) plus three years' experience performing HP Exstream development and integration or, alternatively, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology (willing to accept foreign education equivalent) and five years' experience as noted above. Must possess 1 year of the following: Utilizing OpenText Exstream and OpenText Command Center to analyze legacy insurance documents and produce next generation documents; Interpreting, creating and converting AFP and PDF files for business review using OpenText Exstream and Command Center] / New York Life Insurance Company (NYLIC); New York City, New York, United States

Data Analyst

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:23 +0000 GMT

us: Data Analyst [100% | Duties: Responsible for data management and analysis for a department or division. Completes extensive programming for data manipulation and generates various statistical analyses. Oversees and manages security and integrity of data. May require development and use of various software packages and systems. The Data Analyst will be responsible for the sickle cell research program data collection, data entry and submission for investigator initiation, NIH and industry-sponsored trials. This position is also primarily responsible for data entry for the programs database as well as for the ongoing clinical trials. This position is responsible for data upkeep, processing and cleaning | Minimum Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Business, Finance, Math, Psychology, Statistics or a related field and two (2) years of related experience required] / University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB); Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sat, 17 November 2018 12:19 +0000 GMT

us: Postdoctoral Research Associate [100% | Duties: The Department of Preventive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar-Research Associate for our grant from the National Cancer Institute. Our overall aim is to develop novel statistical methods for analyzing high-dimensional –omics data and applying them to various genetic epidemiology studies of colorectal cancer. Specific projects are concerned with hierarchical modeling, penalized regression methods for high-dimensional data, phylogenetic inference on gene function, mediation of exposure and genetic effects on disease through the internal environment (e.g., metabolome, microbiome), and modeling tumor evolution | Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have completed a Ph.D. in a relevant field (statistics/biostatistics, genetic epidemiology, computer science, machine learning, data science, molecular or computational biology, etc.), have strong programming skills, and an interest in both methodological research and data analysis. Successful applicants will be expected to collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment under the mentorship of one of the project’s senior faculty. Applications from underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged] / University of Southern California (USC); Los Angeles, California, United States / deadline December 31

Postdoc at the Brummer & Partners MathDataLab

Sat, 17 November 2018 11:18 +0000 GMT

se: Postdoc at the Brummer & Partners MathDataLab [1+1 y | 100% | Duties: The post-doctoral positions at the MathDataLab aims at conducting research in mathematics (e.g. topology, analysis, combinatorics, etc) or applied mathematics (mathematical statistics, numerical analysis, optimisation, etc) with emphasis on development of theory and/or methods for data analysis. The candidates are requested to submit a research plan including the connections of the intended research to data analysis | Minimum Requirements: PhD degree, awarded (or planned to be awarded before the commencement of the position) in mathematics, applied mathematics, or a closely related area. Strong background in mathematics related to analysis of complex data. Strongly motivated. Capability to work independently as well as in collaboration with members of the research group. Good communication skills] / KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH); Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden / deadline December 17

Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in Aviatik als Full-Stack-Web-Entwickler/in

Sat, 17 November 2018 05:19 +0000 GMT

ch: Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in Aviatik als Full-Stack-Web-Entwickler/in [100% | Aufgaben: Zentrale Rolle beim Entwurf der Software Architektur. Agile Softwareentwicklung (SCRUM, kontinuierliche Entwicklung und Integration CD/CI). Programmieren, Testen und Dokumentieren der Web-Applikation (Frontend, Backend, Datenbanken). Publizieren von Projektergebnissen in Fachzeitschriften und an Konferenzen. Engagement im ZHAW Datalab ( | Anforderungen: Sie sind eine verantwortungsvolle Persönlichkeit und verfügen über einen M.Sc. oder Ph.D. in Informatik oder eine vergleichbare Berufsqualifikation. Sie beherrschen alle erforderlichen Technologien um eine moderne Web-Anwendung zu erstellen wie zum Beispiel JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB). Sie kennen zukünftige Trends, Werkzeuge und Methoden auf diesem Gebiet (Progressive Web Apps, PWA etc.). Dabei verfügen Sie über einen ausgezeichneten Leistungsnachweis und entsprechende Referenzen. Enthusiasmus für die angewandte Forschung, eine selbstständige, ergebnisorientierte Arbeitsweise sowie sehr gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift sind unabdingbare Voraussetzungen. Idealerweise haben Sie zudem erst...] / Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW); Winterthur, Switzerland

PhD student in numerical analysis and computational science

Sat, 17 November 2018 05:18 +0000 GMT

ch: PhD student in numerical analysis and computational science [3 y | 100% | Duties: To strengthen and extend your knowledge of cardiac physiology and pathophysiology, and to establish a strong, daily basis collaboration with practitioners from Cardiocentro Ticino; To further develop our atrial model and simulation software (Propag-5, Propeiko), and to optimize them to run on Piz Daint (CSCS), one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world; To analyze unique clinical data provided by Cardiocentro which includes highresolution intracardiac maps; by means of modern data assimilation and parameter identification techniques; To publish your findings in international, peer-reviewed journals; To assist in teaching activities in mathematics and computational science | Minimum Requirements: You have a solid background in applied mathematics; You have a strong interest in translational and clinical electrophysiology; You have experience in computational science with programming environments (C, C++, Python, Matlab, R) and HPC computing (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA); You wish to bridge the gap between mathematical modelling and clinical practice; You hold a master’s degree in applied mathematics, physics or biomedical engineering; Experience in cardiac electrophysiology is an advantage but not strictly necessary] / Università della Svizzera italiana (USI); Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland

Research Fellow in Medical Image Computing: Segmentation and deep learning for quantitative MRI data

Sat, 17 November 2018 05:06 +0000 GMT

uk: Research Fellow in Medical Image Computing: Segmentation and deep learning for quantitative MRI data [2+ y | 100% | Duties: The Research Fellow will be responsible for carrying out research in bone data extraction and segmentation from mixed tissue data sets of multi-parametric quantitative bone MRI, and advanced AI analysis of bone pathology to develop thresholds of disease and clinical presentational models. They will also be involved in data analysis, computational and statistical modelling, medical imaging and software development | Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will hold a PhD in Physics/Math/Imaging Science, they should also have extensive knowledge of research techniques and methodologies. An ability to analyse and write up data is essential as is the ability to present complex information effectively to a range of audiences. Experience of programming in MATLAB, Python or similar is essential] / University College London (UCL); London, United Kingdom / deadline December 18

Senior Research Fellow Statistical Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Bioinformatics

Sat, 17 November 2018 05:03 +0000 GMT

uk: Senior Research Fellow Statistical Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Bioinformatics [100% | Duties: Scientific problem This project is focused on understanding the contribution of lipids and their subtype to age-related macular degeneration. This will be through two approaches: first using electronic health records to understand population-based risk, and second through a genetic approach using Mendelian randomisation for routine lipids, as well as more novel techniques for lipid measures to understand causality. This project has been funded through an award to Dr Reecha Sofat from the Dunhill Medical Trust which is dedicated to investigating and understanding the mechanisms of ageing and treating age related diseases and frailty | Minimum Requirements: You will have a PhD in statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology or bioinformatics; a relevant publication track record; and an interest in clinical applications. Experience in the analysis of genetic data, and the application of complex statistical models or statistical learning approaches would be advantageous. Experience of accessing, curating, analysing and interpreting electronic health record data from diverse sources is an advantage; however, for candidates without this expertise, in-post training will be available. The post-holder will be motivated and resourceful, an effective, independent worker, and a collaborative member of an international multidisciplinary team. We place a strong emphasis on supporting career development and ...] / University College London (UCL); London, United Kingdom / deadline November 29

Faculty - Math (Fall 2019)

Sat, 17 November 2018 04:43 +0000 GMT

us: Faculty - Math (Fall 2019) [tenure-track | Duties: Faculty members plan, present and evaluate classroom instruction and related activities. Although teaching is the most important role of the faculty, the availability of faculty on the campus enhances the environment on the campus and fosters stronger working relationships among members of the college community. Therefore, faculty members are expected to participate in the life of the college outside of the classroom in such activities as student advisement, college committees, faculty meetings and extracurricular programs. Faculty members are expected to maintain open, cordial and concerned relationships of the highest professional nature with students | Minimum Requirements: The College prefers candidates with the terminal degree in the field to be taught (usually the doctorate). The Master’s degree in the field to be taught is required. A Master’s degree with eighteen (18) graduate hours in the field may be considered. All degrees must have been earned at a regionally accredited institution of higher learning | Preferred Requirements: Applications from candidates who are credentialed in more than one area are encouraged] / Spartanburg Methodist College (SMC); Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States / deadline January 16

Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter (w/m)

Fri, 16 November 2018 23:56 +0000 GMT

de: Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter (w/m) [2+ y | 50% | Aufgaben: Entwicklungen statistischer Methoden sind vor allem im Bereich genomweiter Assoziations- oder Longitudinalstudien vorgesehen. Ein Schwerpunkt liegt auf Kernelverfahren oder anderen Verfahren zur gemeinsamen Analyse von Genen, biologischen Pfaden einschliesslich von Netzwerkstrukturen sowie Gen-Gen- und Gen-Umwelt-Interaktionen. Genetisch-epidemiologische Studien betreiben wir z.B. zum Lungenkrebs im Rahmen des International Lung Cancer Consortiums und des OncoArray Netzwerks, zum Longitudinalverlauf von Psychosen im PsyCourse Netzwerk und zur hämatopoetischen Stammzelltherapie in Kooperation mit internationalen Partnern | Anforderungen: Ein abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium in Statistik, Mathematik, Informatik, Physik, Chemie, Biologie oder Medizin mit fundierter statistischer Ausbildung auf dem Niveau der statistischen Ausbildung während des Mathematik-Studiums und der Wille zur interdisziplinären Arbeit werden vorausgesetzt. Kenntnisse speziell in Genetischer Epidemiologie sind von Vorteil, aber nicht Voraussetzung. Fortgeschrittene Kenntnisse in einschlägiger statistischer Auswertungssoftware (SAS, R) werden erwartet] / Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (UMG); Göttingen, Niedersachsen, Germany / deadline December 15

Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program

Fri, 16 November 2018 23:02 +0000 GMT

il, us: Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program [Duties: The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program supports future generations of leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math in the United States and Israel and, over time, fosters greater collaboration between the world’s most advanced scientific research centers. In the next twenty years alone, the program intends to provide over $100 million in scholarship and related educational activities that will benefit not only the participating scholars and universities, but the public at large | Minimum Requirements: Candidates for the Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program are assessed based on their academic and research achievements, qualities of personal merit and leadership] / Mortimer B. Zuckerman Institute, participating Israeli universities; Israel, United States

Grant/Fellowship: Humboldt-Forschungspreis

Fri, 16 November 2018 23:02 +0000 GMT

de: Grant/Fellowship: Humboldt-Forschungspreis [Aufgaben: Mit dem Preis werden Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler für ihr bisheriges Gesamtschaffen ausgezeichnet, deren grundlegende Entdeckungen, Erkenntnisse oder neue Theorien das eigene Fachgebiet nachhaltig geprägt haben und von denen auch in der Zukunft weitere Spitzenleistungen erwartet werden können. Nominiert werden können Wissenschaftler aus dem Ausland aller Fachrichtungen und aller Länder. Auf die Nominierungen qualifizierter Wissenschaftlerinnen wird besonderer Wert gelegt | Anforderungen: Internationale Anerkennung des Nominierten als herausragend qualifizierter Wissenschaftler (z. B. Auszeichnungen, positive Resonanz auf Veröffentlichungen, etc.); Zukunftsperspektive für die nächsten Jahre als aktiver, wissenschaftlich einflussreicher Forscher; Ausführliche gutachterliche Stellungnahme eines Wissenschaftlers an einer Forschungseinrichtung in Deutschland, der den Nominierten zu einem Forschungsaufenthalt in Deutschland einladen möchte; Zwei Referenzgutachten wichtiger internationaler und eins vom deutschen Kooperationspartner bzw. Wissenschaftler; Die Humboldt-Stiftung setzt voraus, dass bei Nominierung und Förderung die Regeln guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis eingehalten werden] / Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung (AvH); Germany

Senior Research Associate

Fri, 16 November 2018 20:07 +0000 GMT

ca: Senior Research Associate [100% | Duties: Reporting to the Director, Planning and Institutional Research, the Senior Research Associate (SRA) supports government reporting and managerial planning and decision-making by developing data/predictive analytical models, conducting primary and secondary research, and becoming a subject-matter expert in Power BI. The primary aim of the SRA role is to meet government reporting requirements and to generate data and analyses to assess and predict institutional performance, program effectiveness, and student and graduate success | Minimum Requirements: Minimum of a four-year honours degree in business, social sciences, higher education, or related field including courses in statistical analysis, social science or market research, and database management. Minimum five years of recent relevant experience in a comparable position designing and conducting research and analysis related to social science research, market research, statistics, or a related field. Demonstrated ability to produce timely, reliable, high quality analytics, dashboards, and professional reports to support government reporting and institutional planning and decision making | Preferred Requirements: Master’s degree is preferred. Preferred candidates will have a combination of advanced statistical skills (e.g., SPSS, SAS, R), MS Office skills (e.g., Excel, PowerPivot), technical skills (e.g., MS Access, Oracle), and data visualization skills (e.g. Power BI, Tableau, Qlik)] / Niagara College Canada; Welland, Ontario, Canada / deadline November 29

Data Scientist

Fri, 16 November 2018 20:04 +0000 GMT

us: Data Scientist [100% | Duties: We are hiring three positions, each of which includes a different level of responsibilities and qualifications. These three positions are: Chief Data Scientist; Senior Data Scientist; Data Scientist. Ideal candidates for all three positions will have extensive technical expertise in data science, academic or industry experience, and have excellent communication skills. Data Scientists of all seniority levels are encouraged to apply and will be considered | Minimum Requirements: MS degree required for the Data Scientist position. PhD degree required for the Chief and Senior level positions. Experience performing research in industry or an academic environment is required. Well-rounded skills in data science: computer programming (e.g., Python, R), data structures (e.g., SQL), statistics (e.g., Bayesian modelling), data visualization, are required. Ability to problem solve, debug, and troubleshoot while under pressure and time constraints is required. Ability to communicate effectively about technical topics to both experts and non-experts is required | Preferred Requirements: Experience with working in teams in the data science industry is preferred. Experience with working in or managing (depending on seniority level) teams is preferred] / Vanderbilt University (Vandy); Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Researcher - Mathematics, Microbiology, Telecommunications

Fri, 16 November 2018 18:20 +0000 GMT

it: Researcher - Mathematics, Microbiology, Telecommunications [100% | Duties: Public competition for the recruitment of 4 researchers | Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)] / Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (UniMiB); Milano, Lombardia, Italy / deadline December 6

Research Fellow - Cancer Heterogeneity and Evolution - Bioinformatician

Fri, 16 November 2018 16:31 +0000 GMT

uk: Research Fellow - Cancer Heterogeneity and Evolution - Bioinformatician [2 y | 100% | Duties: An exciting opportunity for a computational biologist with expertise in genomics and an interest in cancer evolution is now available in UCL/Francis Crick Institute, London, UK. The successful candidate will be the lead Bioinformatician for the study of tumour evolution and genetic heterogeneity of multiple sarcoma subtypes such as osteosarcoma, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours and chordoma | Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate must have a PhD in biological sciences (or be studying towards a PhD)] / University College London (UCL); London, United Kingdom / deadline December 17

Assistant Professor - Mathematics

Fri, 16 November 2018 11:33 +0000 GMT

us: Assistant Professor - Mathematics [100% | Duties: The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in Mathematics beginning Fall 2019. Responsibilities will typically include teaching three classes per semester (advanced courses as well as classes in Statistics, Linear Algebra, and the Calculus sequence). In addition, the teaching load includes a January term course in alternate years | Minimum Requirements: Qualifications include a Ph.D. (or anticipated) in Mathematics or related field, excellence in teaching, evidence of professional vitality, and a commitment to teaching and scholarship in a liberal arts environment. The successful candidate will have a passion for teaching and also an interest in contributing to college-wide programs] / Austin College; Sherman, Texas, United States

Postdoctoral Researcher - Multi-Sensor and Deep Learning for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Sea Ice Mapping

Fri, 16 November 2018 10:45 +0000 GMT

no: Postdoctoral Researcher - Multi-Sensor and Deep Learning for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Sea Ice Mapping [3 + 1 y | 100% | Duties: The position will be devoted to research and development tasks related to the Polar use case of the ExtremeEarth project. The work will be synchronized with ongoing research in CIRFA, and will include establishing training data sets and selecting architectures for effectively fusing the spatial, spectral, temporal, and multimodal properties of Sentinel data | Minimum Requirements: This position requires a Norwegian doctoral degree within a field relevant for the research theme of the position (i.e. physics, machine learning, mathematics, statistics, or computer science), or a corresponding foreign doctoral degree recognised as equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree. The suitable candidate should have expertise in: machine learning and/or deep learning; computer science and programming; remote sensing and big data analysis; image processing and statistics | Preferred Requirements: Principles of information theory. Previous experience with sea ice remote sensing. International experience] / University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway (UiT); Tromsø, Troms, Norway / deadline December 9

Researcher - Mathematics

Fri, 16 November 2018 10:36 +0000 GMT

it: Researcher - Mathematics [3 y | 100% | Duties: A public selection procedure based on qualifications is announced to assign 2 research fellowships in all research fields of Mathematics (any Academic Recruitment Field of Mathematics and Informatics) to young researchers with a promising CV and who prove to carry out research autonomously | Minimum Requirements: University degree in Mathematics, Physics or other scientific disciplines. Proven experience in Mathematical research] / Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA); Trieste, Friuli‐Venezia Giulia, Italy / deadline January 8

British American Tobacco: Statistician / SAS Statistical Programmer (Maternity Cover)

Thu, 15 November 2018 11:12 +0000 GMT

Base salary from £43,200 to £54,000 per year (depending of relevant experience) + Bonus: British American Tobacco: The main purpose of the role is to provide statistical support and programming across R&D projects and to facilitate statistical.... Southampton, Hampshire

CK Group: Senior Statistical Programmer - Basel, Switzerland

Wed, 14 November 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

Competitive: CK Group: Senior Statistical Programmer - Basel, Switzerland Jocelyn Blackham is recruiting for a Senior Statistical Programmer to join a rapidly growing biopharmaceutical company at their site based... Basel

CK Group: Principle Statistician - Remote based

Tue, 13 November 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

Up to £65 per hour: CK Group: Natasha Young at CK Group is recruiting for a Principle Statistician to join a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business at their site based in Cambridge on... Cambridge

NonStop Recruitment Ltd: Statistician - Drug Development, Clinical Development

Mon, 12 November 2018 16:26 +0000 GMT

£35000 - £55000 per annum: NonStop Recruitment Ltd: NonStop Pharma are currently working with a leading pharmaceutical data analysis company to find a Statistician. Northern Ireland

Global Academy Jobs: Research Statistician / Senior Research Statistician

Mon, 12 November 2018 05:00 +0000 GMT

Global Academy Jobs: Are you a statistician interested in joining a team whichwill ultimately impact the provision of future healthcare for critically illchildren? Establ United Kingdom

Global Academy Jobs: Medical Statistician

Mon, 12 November 2018 05:00 +0000 GMT

Global Academy Jobs: Do you want to work for an Institute which is leading in clinical trials research that impacts clinical practice? Do you want to be part of a success United Kingdom

Global Academy Jobs: Senior Medical Statistician

Mon, 12 November 2018 05:00 +0000 GMT

Global Academy Jobs: Do you want to work for an Institute which is leading in clinical trials research that impacts clinical practice? Do you want to be part of a success United Kingdom

NonStop Recruitment Ltd: Business Development Manager - Statistics - Pharmaceuticals

Fri, 09 November 2018 14:06 +0000 GMT

€4000 - €5000 per annum + Bonus: NonStop Recruitment Ltd: Dear Network, I am recruiting a Business Development Statistics EU Manager position that I have with highly innovative clients. Brussels

CK Group: Statistician - London

Fri, 09 November 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

£60,000: CK Group: Andy Leake at CK Clinical is recruiting for a Statistician to join a CRO on a permanent basis. The client is based near London Bridge,... London

CK Group: Lead Principal Statistician - Bedfordshire

Fri, 09 November 2018 00:00 +0000 GMT

£50000 - £55000 per annum: CK Group: Stephanie Maccioni is currently recruiting for a Lead Principal Statistician to join a global healthcare company for a 12 month fixed term contract. The position... Bedfordshire