Conferences on open data


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Open data is data that is available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. The philosophy behind open data has been long established, but the term has gained popularity with the rise of Internet and the easy possibilities of the World Wide Web for making data online available.


Free conferences

Hacktivate the City! Can we create better cities with open data?

Begins: 2016-06-15T18:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-15T20:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Dantia Smart Hub (DASH)', u'longitude': u'151.69511899999998', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Charlestown', u'country': u'AU', u'region': u'NSW', u'longitude': u'151.69511899999998', u'localized_address_display': u'63 Ridley Street #1, Charlestown, NSW 2290', u'postal_code': u'2290', u'address_1': u'63 Ridley Street', u'address_2': u'#1', u'latitude': u'-32.96197800000001'}, u'latitude': u'-32.96197800000001', u'organizer_id': u'10842390147', u'id': u'15574005'}

Open Data Play Day

Begins: 2016-07-01T09:30:00 Ends: 2016-07-01T14:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Devonport Guildhall', u'longitude': u'-4.176292999999987', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Plymouth', u'country': u'GB', u'longitude': u'-4.176292999999987', u'localized_address_display': u'Ker Street, Plymouth, PL1 4EL', u'postal_code': u'PL1 4EL', u'address_1': u'Ker Street', u'latitude': u'50.3690395'}, u'latitude': u'50.3690395', u'organizer_id': u'3715319451', u'id': u'13424735'}

DB Open Data Tech Hackday

Begins: 2016-06-17T17:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-18T23:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'DB mindbox', u'longitude': u'13.417788100000053', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Berlin', u'country': u'DE', u'region': u'Berlin', u'longitude': u'13.417788100000053', u'localized_address_display': u'Holzmarktstra\xdfe 6-9 direkt im S-/U-Bhf. Jannowitzbr\xfccke, 10179 Berlin', u'postal_code': u'10179', u'address_1': u'Holzmarktstra\xdfe 6-9', u'address_2': u'direkt im S-/U-Bhf. Jannowitzbr\xfccke', u'latitude': u'52.5139332'}, u'latitude': u'52.5139332', u'organizer_id': u'9791967300', u'id': u'13164251'}

Data Centre Summit North

Begins: 2016-09-28T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-09-28T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Etihad Stadium', u'longitude': u'-2.2003952999999683', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Manchester', u'country': u'GB', u'longitude': u'-2.2003952999999683', u'localized_address_display': u'Ashton New Road, Manchester, M11 3FF', u'postal_code': u'M11 3FF', u'address_1': u'Ashton New Road', u'latitude': u'53.48313810000001'}, u'latitude': u'53.48313810000001', u'organizer_id': u'7922160637', u'id': u'13180284'}

Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2016

Begins: 2016-07-01T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-07-02T21:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Basel University Library', u'longitude': u'7.581200899999999', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Basel', u'country': u'CH', u'longitude': u'7.581200899999999', u'localized_address_display': u'Sch\xf6nbeinstrasse 18-20, 4056 Basel', u'postal_code': u'4056', u'address_1': u'Sch\xf6nbeinstrasse 18-20', u'latitude': u'47.5594038'}, u'latitude': u'47.5594038', u'organizer_id': u'7829467294', u'id': u'14510173'}

OpenDefra #DataMarket

Begins: 2016-06-28T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-28T19:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)', u'longitude': u'-0.12636169999996127', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'London', u'country': u'GB', u'region': u'UK', u'longitude': u'-0.12636169999996127', u'localized_address_display': u'Atrium, Nobel House 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR', u'postal_code': u'SW1P 3JR', u'address_1': u'Atrium, Nobel House', u'address_2': u'17 Smith Square', u'latitude': u'51.4956465'}, u'latitude': u'51.4956465', u'organizer_id': u'10768066498', u'id': u'15264353'}

Data Science at Twitter

Begins: 2016-06-14T18:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-14T21:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Twitter HQ', u'longitude': u'-122.41678189999999', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'San Francisco', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'CA', u'longitude': u'-122.41678189999999', u'localized_address_display': u'1355 Market Street #900, San Francisco, CA 94103', u'postal_code': u'94103', u'address_1': u'1355 Market Street', u'address_2': u'#900', u'latitude': u'37.776692'}, u'latitude': u'37.776692', u'organizer_id': u'7898856643', u'id': u'15674418'}

The Digital Catapult Open House

Begins: 2016-06-23T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-24T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Digital Catapult Centre', u'longitude': u'-0.12695400000006885', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'London', u'country': u'GB', u'region': u'Greater London', u'longitude': u'-0.12695400000006885', u'localized_address_display': u'101 Euston Road, London, NW1 2RA', u'postal_code': u'NW1 2RA', u'address_1': u'101 Euston Road', u'latitude': u'51.5285319'}, u'latitude': u'51.5285319', u'organizer_id': u'8280360607', u'id': u'14268612'}

Open Data Manchester - Transport Special

Begins: 2016-06-28T18:30:00 Ends: 2016-06-28T20:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'SpacePortX', u'longitude': u'-2.2339600000000246', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Manchester', u'country': u'GB', u'region': u'Greater Manchester', u'longitude': u'-2.2339600000000246', u'localized_address_display': u'24-26 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1DZ', u'postal_code': u'M1 1DZ', u'address_1': u'24-26 Lever Street', u'latitude': u'53.482218'}, u'latitude': u'53.482218', u'organizer_id': u'2263648391', u'id': u'11240172'}

Geannuleerd: Open Data Estafette - Cultureel Erfgoed

Begins: 2016-06-22T12:30:00 Ends: 2016-06-22T17:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Arminius', u'longitude': u'4.474323400000003', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Rotterdam', u'country': u'NL', u'longitude': u'4.474323400000003', u'localized_address_display': u'Museumpark 3, Rotterdam', u'address_1': u'Museumpark 3', u'latitude': u'51.91492890000001'}, u'latitude': u'51.91492890000001', u'organizer_id': u'7469395311', u'id': u'15419709'}

Data Science Hackathon Schiphol Airport

Begins: 2016-10-28T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-10-28T18:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Microsoft', u'longitude': u'4.749689600000011', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Schiphol', u'country': u'NL', u'region': u'UT', u'longitude': u'4.749689600000011', u'localized_address_display': u'Evert van de Beekstraat 354, 1118 CZ Schiphol', u'postal_code': u'1118 CZ', u'address_1': u'Evert van de Beekstraat 354', u'latitude': u'52.30345029999999'}, u'latitude': u'52.30345029999999', u'organizer_id': u'10749180213', u'id': u'15159762'}

2016 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference

Begins: 2016-06-21T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-21T16:00:00 Where: {u'longitude': u'0.000000', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'localized_address_display': u'Capitol Visitor Center Congressional Auditorium', u'latitude': u'0.000000', u'address_1': u'Capitol Visitor Center Congressional Auditorium', u'longitude': u'0.000000'}, u'latitude': u'0.000000', u'organizer_id': u'10802287379', u'id': u'15423778'}

Innovating with Open Geographic Data: an OpenStreetMap Mapathon

Begins: 2016-06-25T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-25T12:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Haas Center For Public Service', u'longitude': u'-122.1674041', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Stanford', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'CA', u'longitude': u'-122.1674041', u'localized_address_display': u'562 Salvatierra Walk, Stanford, CA 94305', u'postal_code': u'94305', u'address_1': u'562 Salvatierra Walk', u'latitude': u'37.4225055'}, u'latitude': u'37.4225055', u'organizer_id': u'10776790139', u'id': u'15607241'}

Dispatches from the Data Frontier: Hack Oregon Demo Night

Begins: 2016-06-20T18:30:00 Ends: 2016-06-20T21:00:00 Where: {u'longitude': u'-122.66595970000003', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Portland', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'OR', u'longitude': u'-122.66595970000003', u'localized_address_display': u'1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97209', u'postal_code': u'97209', u'address_1': u'1945 SE Water Ave', u'latitude': u'45.5083437'}, u'latitude': u'45.5083437', u'organizer_id': u'4693911981', u'id': u'15636237'}

SF Data Science: Data Monetization in 2016

Begins: 2016-06-15T18:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-15T20:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Galvanize San Francisco - Soma', u'longitude': u'-122.396638', u'latitude': u'37.787613', u'venue_profile_id': 846, u'address': {u'city': u'San Francisco', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'CA', u'longitude': u'-122.396638', u'localized_address_display': u'44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105', u'postal_code': u'94105', u'address_1': u'44 Tehama Street', u'latitude': u'37.787613'}, u'venue_profile_url': u'', u'organizer_id': u'7898856643', u'id': u'11538900'}


Paid conferences

OpenStack Days Nordic

Begins: 2016-09-22T08:00:00 Ends: 2016-09-22T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'M\xfcnchenbryggeriet Event & Konferens', u'longitude': u'18.05559949999997', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Stockholm', u'country': u'SE', u'region': u'Stockholms l\xe4n', u'longitude': u'18.05559949999997', u'localized_address_display': u'2 Torkel Knutssonsgatan, 118 25 Stockholm', u'postal_code': u'118 25', u'address_1': u'2 Torkel Knutssonsgatan', u'latitude': u'59.3206092'}, u'latitude': u'59.3206092', u'organizer_id': u'3259949016', u'id': u'13763245'}

Open Data in a Day: 18 July, 2016

Begins: 2016-07-18T09:15:00 Ends: 2016-07-18T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Open Data Institute', u'longitude': u'-0.08343800000000101', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'London', u'country': u'GB', u'region': u'London', u'longitude': u'-0.08343800000000101', u'localized_address_display': u'65 Clifton St, London, EC2A 4JE', u'postal_code': u'EC2A 4JE', u'address_1': u'65 Clifton St', u'latitude': u'51.52216199999999'}, u'latitude': u'51.52216199999999', u'organizer_id': u'2830918680', u'id': u'4894373'}

State of the Map US 2016

Begins: 2016-07-23T10:00:00 Ends: 2016-07-25T13:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Campion Hall', u'longitude': u'-122.31951570000001', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Seattle', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'WA', u'longitude': u'-122.31951570000001', u'localized_address_display': u'914 East Jefferson Street, Seattle, WA 98122', u'postal_code': u'98122', u'address_1': u'914 East Jefferson Street', u'latitude': u'47.6067715'}, u'latitude': u'47.6067715', u'organizer_id': u'7886686041', u'id': u'14121071'}

2016 NC Open Pass

Begins: 2016-03-05T08:00:00 Ends: 2016-11-14T20:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'North Carolina', u'longitude': u'-79.01929969999998', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'localized_address_display': u'NC', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'NC', u'longitude': u'-79.01929969999998', u'latitude': u'35.7595731'}, u'latitude': u'35.7595731', u'organizer_id': u'7988706218', u'id': u'13215832'}

Open Data in a Day: 16 August, 2016

Begins: 2016-08-16T09:15:00 Ends: 2016-08-16T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Open Data Institute', u'longitude': u'-0.08343800000000101', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'London', u'country': u'GB', u'region': u'London', u'longitude': u'-0.08343800000000101', u'localized_address_display': u'65 Clifton St, London, EC2A 4JE', u'postal_code': u'EC2A 4JE', u'address_1': u'65 Clifton St', u'latitude': u'51.52216199999999'}, u'latitude': u'51.52216199999999', u'organizer_id': u'2830918680', u'id': u'4894373'}

Data Migration Matters 9

Begins: 2016-07-05T09:00:00 Ends: 2016-07-05T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'British Computer Society', u'longitude': u'-0.12176199999998971', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'London', u'country': u'GB', u'region': u'Greater London', u'longitude': u'-0.12176199999998971', u'localized_address_display': u'5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA', u'postal_code': u'WC2E 7HA', u'address_1': u'5 Southampton Street', u'latitude': u'51.510826'}, u'latitude': u'51.510826', u'organizer_id': u'400399312', u'id': u'10286909'}

Open Data in Finance

Begins: 2016-06-14T08:30:00 Ends: 2016-06-15T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'etc.venues Farringdon-Hatton Garden', u'longitude': u'-0.10858150000001388', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'London', u'country': u'GB', u'longitude': u'-0.10858150000001388', u'localized_address_display': u'51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN', u'postal_code': u'EC1N 8HN', u'address_1': u'51-53 Hatton Garden', u'latitude': u'51.52126440000001'}, u'latitude': u'51.52126440000001', u'organizer_id': u'8516106356', u'id': u'12908681'}

PyData Carolinas 2016

Begins: 2016-09-14T08:00:00 Ends: 2016-09-16T18:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'IBM Activity Center', u'longitude': u'-78.8573581', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Research Triangle Park', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'NC', u'longitude': u'-78.8573581', u'localized_address_display': u'3039 East Cornwallis Road Building 400, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709', u'postal_code': u'27709', u'address_1': u'3039 East Cornwallis Road ', u'address_2': u'Building 400', u'latitude': u'35.9034356'}, u'latitude': u'35.9034356', u'organizer_id': u'2586380814', u'id': u'14524512'}

HireDenver Career Fair 2016

Begins: 2016-06-16T11:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-16T14:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Denver Marriott Tech Center-Evergreen Ballroom', u'longitude': u'-104.90188119999999', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Denver', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'CO', u'longitude': u'-104.90188119999999', u'localized_address_display': u' 4900 S. Syracuse Street , Denver, CO 80237', u'postal_code': u'80237', u'address_1': u' 4900 S. Syracuse Street ', u'latitude': u'39.6269451'}, u'latitude': u'39.6269451', u'organizer_id': u'7858094290', u'id': u'14541604'}

SunSpec Alliance Open Meeting at Intersolar North America

Begins: 2016-07-13T14:00:00 Ends: 2016-07-13T18:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'InterContinental Hotel, Level 5, Ballroom C', u'longitude': u'-116.5625', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'San Francisco', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'CA', u'longitude': u'-116.5625', u'localized_address_display': u'San Francisco, CA', u'latitude': u'32.4822222'}, u'latitude': u'32.4822222', u'organizer_id': u'2456985342', u'id': u'15530262'}

Open Data Day

Begins: 2016-07-07T08:30:00 Ends: 2016-07-07T17:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'The BizDojo', u'longitude': u'174.77970700000003', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Wellington', u'country': u'NZ', u'longitude': u'174.77970700000003', u'localized_address_display': u'115 Tory Street, Wellington, 6011', u'postal_code': u'6011', u'address_1': u'115 Tory Street', u'latitude': u'-41.296053'}, u'latitude': u'-41.296053', u'organizer_id': u'10794631158', u'id': u'15386860'}

Data Festival London 2016

Begins: 2016-06-24T13:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-25T23:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Wayra', u'longitude': u'-0.13542649999999412', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'London', u'country': u'GB', u'region': u'England', u'longitude': u'-0.13542649999999412', u'localized_address_display': u'2-10 Capper Street, London, WC1E 6JA', u'postal_code': u'WC1E 6JA', u'address_1': u'2-10 Capper Street', u'latitude': u'51.5225239'}, u'latitude': u'51.5225239', u'organizer_id': u'8475061036', u'id': u'15602428'}

Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open

Begins: 2016-07-06T07:00:00 Ends: 2016-07-10T19:30:00 Where: {u'name': u'Castle Stuart Golf Links', u'longitude': u'-4.091117800000006', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Castle Stuart Golf Links,Inverness', u'country': u'GB', u'longitude': u'-4.091117800000006', u'localized_address_display': u'Castle Stuart Golf Links,Inverness, IV2 7JL', u'postal_code': u'IV2 7JL', u'latitude': u'57.5324743'}, u'latitude': u'57.5324743', u'organizer_id': u'9275293726', u'id': u'14932300'}

PyData Chicago 2016

Begins: 2016-08-26T08:00:00 Ends: 2016-08-28T18:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'The University of Illinois at Chicago- Student Center East', u'longitude': u'-87.64799929999998', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'Chicago', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'IL', u'longitude': u'-87.64799929999998', u'localized_address_display': u'750 South Halsted, Chicago, IL 60607', u'postal_code': u'60607', u'address_1': u'750 South Halsted', u'latitude': u'41.8719555'}, u'latitude': u'41.8719555', u'organizer_id': u'2586380814', u'id': u'14964525'}

Night of the Living Data

Begins: 2016-06-28T20:00:00 Ends: 2016-06-28T22:00:00 Where: {u'name': u'Montgomery Theater', u'longitude': u'-121.88971709999998', u'venue_profile_id': 0, u'address': {u'city': u'San Jose', u'country': u'US', u'region': u'CA', u'longitude': u'-121.88971709999998', u'localized_address_display': u'271 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113', u'postal_code': u'95113', u'address_1': u'271 South Market Street', u'latitude': u'37.3307569'}, u'latitude': u'37.3307569', u'organizer_id': u'10742741455', u'id': u'15174524'}